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Make better decisions in less time

Knowledge derived from research is your firm’s edge. Advent’s Tamale RMS® lets you organize an escalating volume of research data and apply it more effectively in due diligence. It’s a centralized repository for capturing, organizing and sharing every piece of research you receive or create. With Tamale, teams spend their time debating ideas instead of searching for data. So you can make timely, better informed and thoroughly documented decisions.

Research management
One-click capture of all forms of content – email, PDFs, Word documents and more
Automated email processing
Seamless integration of external and internal research
Subscription-based and push alerts for new information
Fast search and filtering capabilities
Mobile application for anytime, anywhere access
Do more thorough due diligence in less time
Free up time to focus on investment theses by automating tedious tasks
Consolidate scattered research – email, shared drives, cloud storage – in one place
Retrieve all information on a company, sector, topic or fund manager with the click of a mouse
Show clients you have a disciplined, repeatable due diligence and decision-making process
Document the reasons behind each investment decision for compliance purposes
Signature Global Asset Management

Learn why Canada's Signature Global Asset Management a division of CI Investments Inc. opted for Advent's Tamale research management solution to centralize all research data on one system. “Having Tamale fosters more collaboration among team members. It instills a more disciplined process in the organization” says a portfolio manager.

Ironwood Capital Management
Mont Pelerin Capital
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Tamale RMS
Research Management System

Designed to quickly capture and centralize the primary research that investment professionals use every day, Tamale RMS (Research Management Solution) is an easy-to-use research management solution that helps analysts and portfolio managers intuitively capture and aggregate information relevant to their investment process, and effortlessly sort and filter research.

Tamale RMS Product Brief
Tamale RMS Multi-Manager Product Brief
Tamale RMS System Requirements
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