Advent and Techfi Launch Comprehensive Software and Services Solution for Independent Broker-Dealers

Advent and Techfi Launch Comprehensive Software and Services Solution for Independent Broker-Dealers

San Francisco, CA, January 27, 2003, January 27, 2003 - Advent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADVS) is pleased to introduce a software and services solution for the independent broker/dealer market, which will help firms attract and retain independent advisor representatives and provide those representative with a choice of leading technology tools to run their businesses.

“Advent/Techfi for Broker-Dealers,” developed from the combined resources of Advent and Techfi Corporation, offers consolidated reporting, performance reporting, portfolio management, compliance, integration with leading third-party applications, and a comprehensive sales and marketing program to assist independent broker/dealers in rolling the solution out to their representatives.

“Among the trends we’re seeing today in this marketplace are an influx of investors seeking professional advice as a result of a down market, and advisors competing amidst a very crowded financial services market to win the “trusted advisor” relationship. In order to help them win those clients, independent broker-dealer firms are looking to provide their representatives with tools that deliver increased productivity potential, and allow them to deliver the best service to the investor, giving them an edge in the market,” said George Seiters, Director of Advisory Marketing at Advent.

This solution, the first in a series of solutions from Advent designed for the advisory market, includes Techfi’s AdvisorMart Institutional, a consolidation and reporting application developed specifically for broker-dealers and their representatives. "Advent/Techfi offers the only solution that covers the entire spectrum of tools and services needed by our independent advisor representatives," said Charlie Eisenmann, President of H. Beck, Inc., a full-service broker/dealer and an AdvisorMart Institutional client since August 2001.

Advent/Techfi for Broker-Dealers introduces the Advisor Success Program, a sales and marketing program developed by Advent to assist firms in introducing the solution to their representatives. This unique service is designed to help ensure that firms get the most from the solution by working hands-on with the firm to help its representatives understand its full functionality and benefits.

The solution also includes integration with leading software providers that offers advisors a choice of tools to use in their businesses. Among the leading third-party application providers that will launch with Advent/Techfi for Broker-Dealers as integration participants are Morningstar, Inc., Financial Profiles and AdvisoryWorld.
The Morningstar Advisor WorkstationSM delivers an integrated set of online investment research, client management, portfolio analysis, sales illustration, and investment planning tools.

Financial Profiles’ suite of financial planning applications will be available, offering advisors and their firms the ability to integrate client account data directly into Financial Profiles’ applications to assess, plan, report, and monitor planning strategies using Financial Profiles’ industry-leading applications. This allows advisors to manage clients and cases more efficiently and effectively.

AdvisoryWorld has been a leading provider of financial software to investment professionals since 1987. Their new Integrated Capital Engine (ICE) covers several aspects of financial computing ranging from multi-security asset allocation and portfolio design to goal-based optimization, hypothetical review, financial planning, Monte Carlo simulation and dynamic report generation.

“Advent/Techfi for Broker-Dealers represents a combination of the best software, services and resources available from Techfi and from Advent. As a combined entity we have a strong ability to serve the advisory marketplace with the tools they need, and we’re committed to doing so,” said Seiters.

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