Advent Continues to Expand Trading Suite with Critical Tools for Moxy® Clients

Advent Continues to Expand Trading Suite with Critical Tools for Moxy® Clients

Advent to Provide 850+ Moxy® Customers Access to 20 Algorithmic Trading Providers, Support for More Than 50 Trading Strategies

SAN FRANCISCO – June 23, 2009 – Advent Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADVS), a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry, today announced that it continues to expand its trading suite, and will soon offer clients access to 20 algorithmic trading providers.  Advent’s trading suite is comprised of Moxy®, the most widely used order management system (OMS) software in the industry, and Advent Rules Manager®, a comprehensive compliance solution for pre- and post-trade rule checking, portfolio monitoring and automated record-keeping.

Advent’s algorithmic trading relationships allow customers access to powerful trading tools to effectively work their orders in the marketplace.  Algorithmic tickets are directly integrated with Moxy®, allowing traders to utilize more than 50 trading strategies including liquidity aggregation and benchmark strategies, which allow the traders to be more efficient by helping them effectively manage more trades and complete transactions quickly and seamlessly.  Aite Group estimates that by the end of 2010 approximately 53% of all equities trading will be done through algorithmic trading.*

“Algorithmic trading represents one of the most important execution options available to traders today and the tool of choice for both the buy-side and the sell-side traders;  support for it has become a must-have functionality for technology providers,” notes Aite Group Managing Partner Sang Lee.  “Market interest in algorithmic trading continues to skyrocket, driven by the need for efficient trade execution services as well as regulatory pressures.”

Over the past 12 months, Advent has continued to expand the reach of its algorithmic trading offering with the addition of four new providers.  The most recent relationships provide Moxy clients with access to Fidelity, ITG, and Weeden algorithmic trading strategies, with Advent planning to develop an interface for RBC algorithmic strategies.

Commented Ariel Schlein, Chief Information Officer at NuVerse Advisors, “Algorithms directly integrated within Moxy® allow us to focus trading with the OMS as a primary hub on the trading desk, and reduce the number of applications we must support while ensuring we can still execute our trades using the algorithms of our choice.”

“We are seeing a strong demand for algorithms from our customers and are very pleased to provide them with the technology within our trading suite that aids in seeking liquidity and best execution,” said Tim Decker, Product Manager of Electronic Trading at Advent.  “Advent continues to use customer feedback and input from our 850-plus global Moxy® users to assess critical alliances and create standard integration solutions which improve product quality, facilitate ease of setup and increase efficiencies by allowing them to do more with less.”

*Source: Aite Group, “Algorithmic Trading 2006: More Bells and Whistles”

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Moxy® is the industry-leading OMS deployed at over 850 firms which automates and streamlines the trading and order management process of partial and complete executions and allows the user to send allocation results to brokers electronically.  Moxy® also provides Internet-ready electronic order routing based on the industry standard FIX messaging protocol, allowing users to route trades electronically to any FIX-compliant broker or crossing network that supports the internet or other TCP/IP connections.  For more information on Moxy® visit

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