Advent Software Introduces Advent Warehouse Report Center

Advent Software Introduces Advent Warehouse Report Center

Washington, DC, September 5, 2001 - Advent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADVS), the leading provider of Enterprise Investment Management solutions, announced today at the first day of the Advent Fall Conference here, that it has developed a new turnkey solution that allows firms to create highly customized and personalized investor reporting packages. The Warehouse Report Center, the first turnkey solution extending the functionality of Advent Warehouse¸, is available now. Advent Warehouse is a component of Advent OfficeTM, a suite of integrated products used to automate the entire range of investment management functions.

The power and scalability of the Warehouse Report Center is directly attributable to the underlying technology of Advent Warehouse. Advent Warehouse is the first open, end-to-end data warehouse solution designed specifically for investment management firms. The system provides investment firms, money managers, banks and trusts, broker/dealers and family offices access to sophisticated, easy-to-use investment and decision information, while preserving the integrity and performance of the firm's mission-critical operational systems.

Advent Warehouse features several toolkits that allow data from multiple sources to be centralized for comprehensive reporting, including the OpenAdvent Toolkit, which enables MIS users to easily extract and maintain a complete universe of decision-support information, and the Sagent Toolkit, which allows users to manage and customize the population of their data warehouse, including extracting non-Advent data stored in other database systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 via ODBC, in order to then integrate that data with Advent data.

And Advent Warehouse's special system architecture provides remarkable processing power to create a wide range of client-focused reports, run queries, and view results easily through a browser.

"The Advent Warehouse Report Center is a perfect example of the power of technology when solutions are built with business goals in mind," said George Seiters, Director of Advent Office Business Management. "Our intention at Advent is to always create software and services that allow our clients to focus on their core business."

Advent Software, Inc. is the leading provider of Enterprise Investment Management solutions. The company provides a suite of complementary products for the front, middle and back offices of investment management organizations. The company's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol ADVS.

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