Advent Software Launches 'Advent Internet Exchange'

Advent Software Launches 'Advent Internet Exchange'

San Francisco, April 23, 2001 - Advent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADVS) today announces Advent Internet Exchange, or Advent INX, the newest component of Advent Office. Advent INX enables investment managers to display performance, holdings, yield and other portfolio data on web sites designed specifically for their clients. A highly scalable solution, Advent INX is capable of providing data on demand, regardless of the number of investors logging on to the site.

Advent INX works in concert with Advent's portfolio management system, Axys¸, from which it derives client portfolio information. It is an open system that allows firms to call data on demand and then filter, format and present portfolio information in a flexible browser environment where firms can add a variety of value-added third-party content. Firms can build dynamic, customized web sites around the Advent INX platform to provide a maximum level of service while differentiating their business.

Leveraging Advent's technology and incorporating XML, Advent INX is an integral web infrastructure tool that can be used to provide timely, value-added data for individual portfolios, aggregated portfolios or consolidated portfolios.

"As more and more firms are centering their business around providing personalized advice and consolidated account information to their clients, the investor web site is a strategic means of providing this heightened level of service. Any firm that has, or is considering, an investor-oriented web site needs to be concerned with reliability, response time and scalability. Advent INX is the tool they need to develop a highly scalable, data on-demand web site, while personalizing it to the look and feel of their firm," said Peter Caswell, President and CEO of Advent.

Advent Software, Inc. is the leading provider of Enterprise Investment Management solutions. The company provides a suite of complementary products for the front, middle and back offices of investment management organizations. The company's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol ADVS.

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