Advent Software Launches MyAdvent

Advent Software Launches MyAdvent

San Francisco, CA, May 8, 2000 - Advent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADVS) the leading provider of Enterprise Investment Management (EIM) technology, today introduced MyAdventTM, the latest Internet-enabled component to its Advent Office™ suite. MyAdvent is a browser-based portal allowing users to quickly view summary information from Advent Office, which was introduced today on the first day of the company’s Spring User Conference.

MyAdvent will present a summarized view of a portfolio manager’s positions, gathered from more detailed information on those positions that reside in the various Advent Office components. With MyAdvent, clients can quickly receive all the summary information they need in one place in order to know exactly where they stand at any point in the day. Users will be able to review information then immediately drill down into detailed data or functionality in the other Advent Office components, and in Advent Alliance Partner applications.

Also new to the Advent Office suite is Advent VistaTM a browser-based research tool for equities and the equity markets that is fully integrated with Advent Office. Developed in conjunction with Advent Alliance Partner Worldstreet Corp., Advent Vista will allow users to view market information that is directly related to the holdings in their Axys¸ portfolio accounting reports. Advent Vista is the only market data tool available that gives users market news and information filtered and integrated to match their specific holdings. This data includes real-time equities prices, fundamental data, company financials, consensus analyst estimates and recommendations, charting and news.

Other Advent Office modules are being upgraded, including Axys version 3.4, Moxy¸ version 3.6, and Qube¸ version 3.1. Highlights include the following:

  • Axys 3.4 features compound reports for viewing multiple graphs and reports on one page; Advent Corporate Actions integration; and Reporting Drill Down for quick access to additional information on data contained in Axys reports.
  • Moxy 3.6 will allow portfolio managers to view the gain and loss information on their sales, and see the effect of these trades on their total portfolio gains and losses; managers also can select specific lots to close against, or change the closing method; Moxy 3.6 will contain a query engine allowing users to quickly create groups of portfolios using a wide set of criteria; users will be able to import external models from outside the system, and balance sections of portfolios against a model; traders will be able to trade an order across multiple brokers and stepout commissions for individual portfolios to multiple brokers without splitting the order; Moxy 3.6 will utilize Microsoft SQL release 7.0, and will be fully supported on Windows NT 4.0 and will be Moxy’s platform for Windows 2000.
  • Qube 3.1 features more portfolio management functionality with enhanced investment searching capabilities and the ability to save and share searches on a firm-wide basis. Also new in Qube is integration with Microsoft Outlook for shared contact information, and integration with Advent Browser ReportingTM for Enterprise Users (BREU), allowing Qube 3.1 users to launch and run reports remotely with BREU.

"We continue to commit ourselves to create software that truly enhances the
business of our clients," said Peter Caswell, president and chief executive officer
of Advent. "With our new products and enhanced integration, Advent Office will allow
our customers to grow more efficiently, while retaining its leading position in the
Enterprise Investment Management market space

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