Advent Software Launches Trusted Network

Advent Software Launches TrustedNetwork

San Francisco, CA, March 7, 2000 - Advent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADVS) today announced TrustedNetwork, a new service that will enable financial institutions to use the Internet to deliver cross-institutional consolidated views of individual investors’ portfolios. Developed by Advent to enable professional investment advisors to deliver a heightened level of service to their clients, TrustedNetwork will allow the consolidated information to be shared simultaneously between trusted financial professionals and their clients.

TrustedNetwork is a business-to-business solution whose customers are institutions that will provide value-added online financial services to their clients. Advent will provide the cross-institutional, consolidated data gathering and reporting platform. Other participants in TrustedNetwork will include brokerage firms, money managers, financial planners, professional software developers, financial portals, accounting firms and consultants.

"Millions of households have between three and fourteen distinct financial accounts, likely across multiple institutions, but no automated solution currently exists to provide accurate securities accounting across multiple institutions. TrustedNetwork will provide the technology infrastructure to allow financial institutions to offer investors a view of all their investment assets held across institutions in a consolidated format," said Peter Caswell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Advent. "Receiving advice from an advisor who doesn’t have easy access to an up-to-date view of your total wealth is like getting surgery from a doctor who doesn’t have all of your medical files. Until now financial advisors would have to manually consolidate their client’s portfolios because there was no automated solution."

Advent is in a unique position to deliver the infrastructure to provide institutions with this cross-institution data gathering and reporting platform because of its track record developing industry-leading financial technology since its inception in 1983. Advent provides front-to-back office solutions to more than 5,800 institutions worldwide. And Advent’s Custodial Data Service, which is based on a direct relationship between Advent and the industry’s leading account providers, currently delivers information from nearly 100 brokerages and custodians daily.

With TrustedNetwork, full-service institutions now can use the latest technology to bring more value to their clients, integrating accurate, reliable accounting data with their proprietary services. Both the investor and the financial professional will have access to a consolidated view of the investor’s investment data, enabling the professional to provide truly holistic advice and guidance in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

"Advice is the critical component of what professional investment advisors can deliver to their customers," continued Caswell. "TrustedNetwork not only will enable firms to provide affordable, high quality advice to any investor, but it also offers a tangible way for investment advisors to grow their business."

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