Hedge Fund Survey Demonstrates Critical Value of Research Management Solutions

Hedge Fund Survey Demonstrates Critical Value of Research Management Solutions

Advent’s Tamale RMS® 7.0 Helps Deliver Strategic Edge for Over 6,000 Users From Over 200 Firms

SAN FRANCISCO – AdventConnect - September 19, 2013 AdventConnect - Advent Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADVS), a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry, today announced the results of a survey on how investors select hedge funds titled, ‘Pitch Perfect, How Investors Choose Funds.’ The comprehensive survey was designed to determine not only what investors look for when making new hedge fund investments, but also the potential stumbling blocks fund managers should take pains to avoid when making their pitch.

The overall findings from Advent’s investor survey determined that, in a competitive market, hedge funds are in need of a compelling, strategic edge to help acquire and retain clients. Seventy-five percent of investors surveyed said they wanted to see research management systems in place at funds they are considering. As they’re continually overwhelmed with an unprecedented volume of market data and their time is stretched increasingly thin, investors are seeking a solution to help better organize, manage, and leverage information —and an effective research management system could meet this need. Among other revelations, the survey demonstrated the critical role a research management solution can play in ultimately determining the success or failure of a firm.

“Investors now place a much greater value on a research management solution when evaluating funds as an indicator of institutional-grade operations,” says Chris Momsen, Executive Vice President, Sales and Solutions Management at Advent. “Today, the bar has been raised and the ability to share business-critical information firm-wide and access the information they need easily, when and where they need it, is essential for firms looking to organize and leverage their intellectual capital.”

The survey also includes the following key findings:
  • The top three most important characteristics when evaluating a fund (outside of alpha generation)
  • The most common mistakes made by funds when pitching to prospective investors
  • The importance of operational quality in the investor evaluation process
Increase In Demand For Tamale RMS® And Launch Of Latest Enhancements

In line with this increased demand for research management systems, Advent’s Tamale RMS® has seen significant growth geographically as well as by type of firm and number of users—including hedge funds, asset managers, fund of funds, pensions, and family offices. There has also been an increase in start-up funds adopting Tamale® at launch stage, accounting for almost half of all new Tamale® hedge fund clients in the past 12 months. This may be due to the need for a solution to help firms demonstrate their capabilities to investors in a demanding marketplace.

"For investment firms, there's tremendous value in having access to a research management solution as it helps firms differentiate themselves, reduces information overload, and helps us to deliver intelligent, value-added decisions that can benefit clients," says Lori Hoch, Principal and Chief Operating Officer at Cortina Asset Management. “We've seen quantifiable results firm-wide with Advent’s Tamale RMS® and have been able to improve overall operations and enhance our reporting abilities, freeing time for our professionals to focus on what they do best: raising capital, achieving superior performance, and serving our clients."

Advent’s recent release of Tamale RMS® 7.0 includes the following highlights:

  • A powerful new rules management tool that delivers significant compliance benefits, enabling clients to more acutely define how research can be propagated throughout the firm
  • Enhanced customization that enables users to personalize their Tamale experience
Advent is showcasing Tamale RMS® 7.0 during the AdventConnect 2013 Conference in San Francisco, which is taking place from September 18 – 20, 2013. Firms will be able to learn more about the latest features and product enhancements targeting the research management marketplace, attend informative sessions, and test-drive Tamale® and other Advent products.

About Tamale RMS®

Advent’s Tamale RMS® enables firms to harness their collective knowledge and apply it more effectively in due diligence. It’s a centralized repository for capturing, organizing, and sharing the wide range of research data a firm receives or creates. With Tamale®, a market-leading research management solution, teams spend their time deliberating investment ideas instead of searching for data, so managers can make more timely and better informed decisions. Learn more at http://www.advent.com/tamale.

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