Opstock Puts A Finnish To The Portfolio Managers' Headaches

Opstock Puts A Finnish To The Portfolio Managers' Headaches

STOCKHOLM – September 24, 2003 - Leading provider of investment management solutions Advent Software, Inc. announces that Helsinki based Opstock Ltd. Asset Management has chosen Advent Office™ for its Portfolio Management & Reporting and Trade Order Management & Compliance software solutions to meet the persistent and increasing demands of the Finnish Investment Management market.

The best and most capable solutions provider in the market
The asset manager conducted a comprehensive study in order to find out who are the best and most capable solutions providers in the market. After studying web sites, books and brochures they got more closely acquainted with 12 vendors and systems that seemed to be the best and most suitable for their needs. "We had a number of requirements for both the system and the vendor," says Saine, "The most important and convincing difference was the Advent team and their attitude. We simply got the impression that these guys know both the asset management business and their own products. Their commitment convinced us alone."

Great tools allow optimal focus on customers
" Having proper tools is essential. It will increase our portfolio managers' work satisfaction and enable them to deliver an even better product to our clients," says Jorma Saine, Head of portfolio management at Opstock Ltd. Asset Management. "Up until now we've utilized our back-office systems even for the front office needs and completed it with extensive use of excel. Maybe the most important thing is that this investment will free our portfolio managers time from the technical work, motivate them and enable them to spend more time talking to the Clients."

Increasing client services
Opstock Ltd. Asset Management, a part of OKO Bank, has 7.55 billion euros in AUM and service larger institutions like pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds and even private individuals. "We expect the new systems to help us in improving our investment & client service capabilities. Being able to move faster in the market should lead to better returns on our client portfolios, as well as increase our ability to produce more informative reports to our clients. We are very much looking forward to becoming another referencable Advent client", Jorma Saine concludes.

Advent's Mats Berggren, Director of Sweden, Finland and the Baltic region says: " After understanding Opstock's needs, we realized the Advent Solution would meet their expectations and needs for profitability through internal efficiency and improved client retention. Our solution is strong within this area. As mentioned before, there is a great potential for Advent in this region, and I am delighted that the client base is growing quarter by quarter.”

About Advent

Advent Sweden AB was founded in year 2000 and is a subsidiary of Advent Software, Inc. serving the investment management market in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic region.

Advent Software, Inc. has been providing trusted solutions to the worlds' leading asset managers since 1983. Firms in 55 countries use Advent technology to manage investments totalling more than $8 trillion. Advent's quality software, data, services and tools enable managers to improve service and communication to their clients, allowing them to grow their business while controlling costs. Advent's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol ADVS.

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Anne Line Lande, Marketing Manager
Advent Europe

Jorma Saine, Head of Portfolio Management
Opstock Ltd. Asset Management