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Geneva for asset managers

One solution that will grow and adapt with you as the industry evolves.

The Solution

Scale up with smart technology designed for you

Firms that want to stay current and competitive in this dynamic market need a portfolio management solution that supports multiple asset classes, multi-currency portfolios, complex global fund structures and increasing transaction volumes. Geneva is designed specifically for operational scalability, seamlessly supporting new lines of business and removing operational barriers.

Eliminate the need for separate systems and inefficient spreadsheet workarounds and grow your business faster.

Why choose this solution

  • Flexible deployment options either locally or in the cloud
  • Full outsourcing of services available
  • Complete trade lifecycle management
  • Comprehensive asset class coverage for complex global strategies
  • Daily NAV calculation
  • Ease of integration to internal and external systems
  • Investment book of record (IBOR)
  • Simplified data access and reporting
  • Support for multiple account and fund types
  • Seamless integration to market data providers, OMS, risk systems and counterparties
  • Faster data access with Enterprise Information Store
  • Data governance and exception management with Advent Lumis
By switching to Geneva, we have a stable core system that we can build on, rather than an aging system that we were working around. We are ready to handle just about anything that comes our way.
Brad Lyman, Director of Technology
Matthews International Capital Management
Geneva for Asset Managers

Complementary Solutions

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Stand out from the crowd

Find out how you can differentiate your business with Geneva at the center of your asset management ecosystem.


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