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Heck Capital Advisors

"If we have an RFP or if we need data, we're able to access that very quickly instead of looking at different spreadsheets and pulling different things together."

Kenneth Heck

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Growing Your Wealth Management Business

For wealth management organizations, the slow growth rates in number and assets of their target client pool is disconcerting news, after a brief period of great opportunity for those firms with the proper skills and support infrastructure. The challenge going forward will be to demonstrate to existing and prospective clients that they can indeed provide a compelling value proposition in a challenging industry environment.

Product Brief

Advent Portfolio Exchange

APX has enabled over 800 investment management firms in 35 countries to transform their business by improving workflows, streamlining processes, and providing easy access to information. APX delivers powerful benefits across the firm - front, middle, and back offices - and up and down the organization, from executives to operational staff.

Client Story

Veritas Asset Management

In the space of just 18 months, and during the worst financial crisis in decades, independent investment firm Veritas Asset Management has more than tripled in size, seeing its assets under management leap from approximately £800 million to £2.5 billion. And a key factor in the firm’s success has been Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) and Moxy®, says head of investment operations James Spence.