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Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

"It saved time for me and we didn't have to hire three to four more people. There's a cost savings there that is almost immeasurable."

Alex Gordon

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RiverTree Advisors

Black Diamond's iPad app lets RIA RiverTree Advisors do business on the fly. "With Black Diamond on the iPad, I have all the data I need, live," says President Ted Rich.

Product Brief

Black Diamond

Black Diamond’s platform is purpose-built for independent advisors and wealth managers. It provides innovative and dynamic portfolio management and reporting delivered through an easy-to-use, feature-rich Web-based application customized to each individual user.

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Close more business and build your brand using technology

The report highlights how leading advisors are using their portfolio management and performance reporting platform to not only efficiently manage their firms, but to also close more business by building their brand with prospects and clients.