Data Reconciliation Information Kit

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Ithaka Group LLC

"We definitely view Advent as a strategic partner. Advent enables us to act efficiently and in the best interests of our clients."

Amanda Sawyer

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White Paper

Best Practices in Reconciliation: A Practical Guide for Asset Managers

This information-packed, 12-page white paper explains why automated reconciliation is becoming a competitive necessity. It details the costs and risks associated with manual reconciliation, the benefits you can expect from automation, and the best reconciliation workflow model. It also outlines a 10-point checklist on optimizing efficiency in reconciliation and weighs the pros and cons of alternative solutions.

Product Brief

Advent Custodial Data

Learn how Advent Custodial Data collects, consolidates, and electronically delivers secure, standardized custodial data.

Client Story

Klingenstein, Fields & Co.

Wealth manager was using systems that were not integrated or compatible and added Advent suite comprised of: Advent Portfolio Exchange, Moxy, Advent Custodial Data, Rex and Advent Revenue Center.