Outsourcing Information Kit

Learn how outsourcing can help investment advisors balance downward pressure on fees with ever-growing client expectations for quality services.

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Beverly Hills Wealth Management

"The Black Diamond portal helps us to attract new clients and new assets from existing assets…"

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Growing Your Wealth Management Business

For wealth management organizations, the slow growth rates in number and assets of their target client pool is disconcerting news, after a brief period of great opportunity for those firms with the proper skills and support infrastructure. The challenge going forward will be to demonstrate to existing and prospective clients that they can indeed provide a compelling value proposition in a challenging industry environment.

Product Brief

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond platform is purpose-built for advisors and wealth managers. It provides innovative and dynamic portfolio management and reporting delivered through an easy-to-use, feature-rich web-based application tailored to each individual user

Client Story

DKE, Inc.

“If we didn’t have Black Diamond, I doubt we’d have had the confidence to grow as quickly as we did. In fact, we’ve grown more than eight times since we implemented Black Diamond—without adding any new staff,” says James Moore, Vice President of DKE, Inc.