Research Management Information Kit

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Tamale Research Management Solution (RMS) Demo

Tamale RMS is an easy-to-use research management solution that quickly captures and centralizes primary research.

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Product Brief

Tamale Research Management Solution (RMS)

Learn how Tamale RMS provides a centralized and intuitive framework for saving, organizing and sharing all of your research information to enhance and support your research and due diligence processes.

Client Story

Cortina Asset Management

Asset manager had been a long time user of Axys, Moxy, APX, Advent Rules Manager and Revenue Center and added Tamale as both a research management solution and a central repository for research data.

White Paper

Research Management Solutions

In the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the subsequent global wave of regulation, research management solutions has taken on added importance as systems of record for compliance.