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29 November 2018

Black Diamond Teams Up with Box

The primary goal of the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform is to help advisors grow their client relationships by delivering an outstanding client experience. The ability to allow 24/7, interactive information access has nearly become standard for an advisory business. What clients expect is a high-quality, personalized experience, and advisors should not overlook the opportunity to leverage their online presence as one of the key benefits they deliver.

To that end, this year we introduced a highly interactive client portal, aptly named the Client Experience, through which clients can view their complete wealth picture and track their portfolios relative to their financial goals. Over half the firms on Black Diamond are already using the portal to engage and communicate more effectively with their clients. 

Because on-demand access to personal financial information has nearly become a standard expectation for today’s client, a key feature of the Client Experience is a secure Document Vault that makes it easy to exchange important documents with clients. From a single place you can store, organize and share information, like custodial account statements, using the native tool or by leveraging an integration with Box, the popular cloud-based enterprise content management platform. By offering a friction-free, two-way integration, advisors with Box credentials can collaborate on important financial content directly from Box via the Document Vault while retaining the Black Diamond look and feel.

“Advisors need the latest technology and tight integrations to reduce friction around client communications,” said Bjorn Widerstedt, Senior Director for Black Diamond, SS&C Advent. “We constantly look to leverage the best technology solutions to keep us on the leading edge of innovation and provide our clients a competitive advantage.”

The integration with Box is the latest in a long list of integration partnerships with industry-leading solution providers that enable advisors to deliver a holistic wealth management offering with Black Diamond as the hub. Through their Black Diamond interface, advisors have direct, single sign-on access to CRM capabilities, financial planning tools, risk analytics, proposal generators, third-party investment platforms, market data providers and more – and now, content file-sharing with Box. From the end client’s perspective, capabilities are delivered seamlessly within a highly customized, client-centric service offering.

The Black Diamond team will continue to explore and pursue integrations that we believe will add meaningful value to client relationships. Teaming up with Box is a clear example of our out-of-the-box approach to wealth management.

To learn more about the Black Diamond Integration Network, click here, or request a demo.