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#3 U.S. Wealth Advisors ESG Investing: New Investors are Walking the Walk

New investors are focused on environment, social, and governance. Firms offering ESG investing could be the deciding factor for them.

The new generation of investors aren’t so focused on what’s most profitable to their pockets, they’re focused on what's profitable for their environment, social and governance. Firms offering ESG investing could be the deciding factor for new investors. So, what exactly is ESG and how do firms gather the data for their investors?

With no U.S. ESG investing standard, financial firms are having to come up with their own standards and vetting process. Without these standards, how can advisors verify whether or not investors are truly investing in ESG?

In this episode, our guests, Zachary Dan, CEO of Act Analytics and Elgin Chau, Head of ESG Ratings of Act Analytics discuss how analyzing data and creating ESG ratings work, how it’s affecting the investor-advisor relationship, and how technology can help bridge the communication gap.

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Zachary Dan

CEO | Act Analytics

Zachary Dan is the Chief Executive Office at Act Analytics. He started the Canada-based company in 2019. He has experience developing systematic investment strategies, new product development and launch, workflow automation, audit information and processes, and construct new research platforms.

Elgin Chau

Head of ESG Ratings | Act Analytics

Sarah Johnson

Host | SS&C Advent

Sarah is part of SS&C Advent’s advisory marketing team, with her primary focus being the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform. Along with writing and managing sales enablement content, she also develops client communications, coordinates webinars, and portrays the value of integration through her work with complementary partner solutions. Sarah began her marketing career in financial services in 2009, holding roles at Atlantic Coast Bank and TIAA Bank before transitioning to financial technology in 2018 when she started with SS&C Advent. She holds a BBA in management with a minor in communications from the University of North Florida.

Trent Berry

Host | SS&C Advent