Product Brief


An integrated technology platform designed for private equity operations.

As the private equity industry faces additional regulatory oversight, increasing investor requests, and a challenging fundraising environment, it is essential that firms leverage the best technology available to mitigate these additional burdens. TNR offers the capability to manage portfolio companies and private equity investments, providing fund financials to fund structure and investor accounting and reporting in a single solution.

Manage day-to-day operations seamlessly
With TNR, you can improve productivity and streamline your entire back office by:

  • Creating a single book of record for your fund, with integrated portfolio management, fund structure accounting, private equity investor accounting and general ledger
  • Eliminating error-prone spreadsheets files and manual processes
  • Generating customizable notices to investors for capital calls and distributions
  • Tracking notional balances including committed, contributed, unfunded, recallable, and more
  • Using the built-in configurable waterfall calculator for European and American as well as other complex ones
  • Calculating XIRR and management fees by investor
  • Offering investor opt-ins and opt-outs with flexible allocation rules
  • Performing true-ups of capital and P&L with multiple rounds of closings for the funds
  • Automating transfer of interest
  • Creating user-defined reports including customized calculations and automatic feeds to formatted Excel, Word, and PDF output


Meet ever-growing investor demands more efficiently
TNR reduces errors, creates efficiencies and drives productivity in your day-to-day operations with:

  • Support for private equity investments like portfolio companies, real assets and real estate
  • Full document management and document repository
  • Increasing transparency and consistency with ILPA standardized reporting templates
  • Support complex fund structures with tracking SPVs, AIVs, Masters, Feeders etc. with accurate accounting and reporting
  • Hosted solution to lower IT cost of ownership


Why TNR?

TNR is an open, integrated, and transparent solution that offers flexible deployment and outsourcing options and access to solution experts.

  • Open - Outlook®, Excel and Microsoft Office® integration offers a powerful yet practical solution
  • Integrated - Portfolio management, Fund and Investor accounting—all in one solution
  • Add-ons - Option to add investor portal solution, Investor Vision
  • Hosted Deployment - Lower Cost of Ownership with cloud-based hosting solution
  • Outsourcing - Leverage SS&C’s fund administration services & operational services
  • Investor Accounting - Track investor attributes, contacts, capital and support investor demands with systemized calculations and reporting

Product Brief