The Solution

Data governance, workflow, and operational oversight

Service providers, asset managers and hedge funds who use Geneva as their core global portfolio management and accounting system must perform manual processes to ensure the quality of the data within Geneva meets internal audit controls.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and turn-key, rule-based integration with Geneva®, Advent Lumis shines the light on critical processes for your operations teams. Monitor data quality across key areas of your business and take a pre-emptive approach to reducing operational risk - while maximizing workflow efficiency through the detection, prioritization, and resolution of your data exceptions.

Why choose this solution

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Turn-key integration with Geneva with backwards compatibility
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Maker-checker/multi-level approvals
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Root cause analytics
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Standardized rules and queries
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Automated communications via system alerts and ad-hoc e-mails
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Data exception and operational workflow status monitoring
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User-friendly, control center-style dashboard views
Advent Lumis

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Improve data quality and proactively resolve data issues. Reduce risk with centralized and automated exception processing, and make auditing simpler with exception analytics and status monitoring.