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Data You Can Trust

The reports you create - and the decisions you make - are only as good as the data they're based upon. Advent offers a variety of data solutions that deliver accurate custodial, corporate actions, and benchmark data directly into your portfolio management and trading platforms, automatically and in the format you need. So you can get to work right away, without having to gather all that data yourself - and with confidence in the numbers.


Advent Corporate Actions – Benefit from advanced knowledge of corporate actions and reduced risk of manual errors through automated transactions
Advent Custodial Data – Access timely and consolidated account-level information from a growing network of portfolio data sources
Advent Index Data – Automate receipt of index performance data at the security and sector level directly into APX.
Advent Market Data – Easily manage your reports with automatic market data downloads reflecting the latest information
Advent Portfolio Data – Gain greater access to portfolio data sources, additional instrument coverage and automated downloads upon data availability

Broad data coverage and flexible tools to help manage your workflow
Data availability through a single, secure internet connection
Variety of solutions to help with data acquisition, normalization, and distribution – solutions that are backed by our 20+ years of experience in solving business challenges
Timely gathering of data allows for more time putting it to effective use


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