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Stay on top of margin and financing costs

For firms managing the costs associated with margin, stock borrowing and financing is a major challenge. Without transparency into margin and fee calculations, you may not realize how much incremental profitability is being chipped away. Advent's Syncova solutions bring unprecedented transparency and improved accuracy for the benefit of both parties. Funds can minimize their costs, while prime brokers can offer a more competitive service.


Margin and finance management


Automated calculation of margin commitments and financing costs
Support for all margin and financing calculation models and methodologies
Reduced operational risk with automated identification and resolution of breaks
Automated aggregation of margin and financing cost data across multiple counterparties
What-if capability to compare and generate position moves required to achieve the best margin or financing costs


Enables funds to accurately replicate counterparty margin calculation methods
Helps determine the optimal placement of assets by counterparty
Enables funds to manage financing costs and stock loans across multiple counterparties
Allows side-by-side counterparty comparisons to avoid overcharges


Margin and Debit Financing

Syncova improves the management and transparency of costs related to increasingly complex margin, financing and stock borrowing arrangements between funds and prime brokers.


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