The Solution

An all-access pass to the research you need

Modern day investment managers are overwhelmed by the mountains of information necessary for their investment decisions and due diligence. Research comes from many sources, making it challenging to find and identify what is really important. With Tamale, investment teams spend their time collaborating on ideas instead of searching for data.

Capture, organize and share every piece of research you receive or create from one, centralized source.

Why choose this solution

  • Instant access to the right information
  • Automate and free up time to focus on what matters
  • Bring key information together for better, faster decisions
  • Stay in sync and collaborate like never before
  • Seamless integration of external and internal research
  • Achieve a disciplined, repeatable due diligence and decision-making process
  • Document the rationale behind each investment decision
  • Access research anywhere, any time
  • iPhone and iPad compatible
Tamale is for the investment team, but my CCO probably likes it the best.
Senior Project Manager
Investment Manager serving the non-profit community
Tamale RMS

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Make timelier, better informed and thoroughly documented decisions

Learn how Tamale can help you manage large volumes of data, collaborate on ideas, make informed investment decisions, and improve compliance readiness.


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