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    Stay competitive with a portfolio management solution that supports multiple asset classes, multi-currency portfolios and complex global fund structures. Geneva is designed specifically for operational scalability, removing operational barriers to seamlessly support new lines of business.

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    Advent Investment Suite

    Leverage a comprehensive suite of modernized, scalable, and intuitive investment management solutions, designed to optimize your workflow.

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    Geneva for Emerging Managers

    As a start-up, your fund requires a customizable platform that combines software and managed services to meet your needs and scale over the life of your business. Set yourself up for success with comprehensive asset class coverage, data governance and reconciliation to investor-level reporting.

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    Geneva for Asset Managers

    Comprehensive asset class coverage to diversify your strategies and differentiate your business. Built to natively provide real-time portfolio and general ledger accounting, Geneva seamlessly supports new lines of business and removes operational barriers.

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    Brief: Geneva for Asset Managers

    Leverage Geneva’s comprehensive, global asset class coverage.

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    Video: Geneva for Asset Managers

    The only question is: are you ready?

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    Brief: Tamale RMS for Asset Managers

    Get your research anywhere, any time. Tamale RMS is the industry’s first research management solution and provides the investment management industry with a comprehensive solution that brings automation and efficiency to the investment research process.

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    Video: SS&C Advent for Wealth Managers

    Video: SS&C Advent for Wealth Managers

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    Video: SS&C Advent for Asset Managers

    Video: SS&C Advent for Asset Managers

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    Video: CohnReznick Expertise for Emerging Managers

    “Even smaller funds that are forming have to look and feel institutional and part of the success in achieving this is determined by the service provider.” Listen as Gary Berger, Partner at CohnReznick LLP, discusses the buy vs. build options for emerging managers to make the right decisions.

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    Brief: Geneva for Institutional Asset Managers

    SS&C Advent’s award-winning Geneva® platform provides a comprehensive portfolio management, accounting, and reporting solution that supports any investment within any structure for any region in the world.

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    Info Kit: Geneva for Asset Managers

    Discover the leading portfolio and shadow accounting solution for Alternatives. Geneva excels at portfolio accounting and position management for any instrument, within any structure, in any region.

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    Info Kit: Geneva for Emerging Managers

    The technology decisions you make today will have a long-range impact on the direction of your firm. As a start-up, your fund requires a customizable platform that combines software and managed services to meet your needs and scale over the life of your business.

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    Advent Outsourcing Services

    Cloud-delivered technology and robust operational outsourcing services available to augment your firm's specific workflows and business needs. Advent Outsourcing Services builds on this experience with cloud delivery capabilities, expanded technology options, and a wider selection of services.

  • 2006

    Wealth management is a relationship-based business — and there’s simply no substitute for time spent with clients. With an extensive library of pre-defined reports plus easy report customization, SS&C Advent’s Axys automates portfolio reporting and accounting to help firms get more done.

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    Advent Portfolio Exchange

    Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) is the integrated portfolio and client management solution that puts everyone in your firm on the same platform and the same page. APX provides one central, scalable platform for all your portfolio, relationship, and prospect data.

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    Advent Revenue Center

    Advent Revenue Center® helps firms maximize revenue, increase efficiencies, and reduce risks and errors. Advent Revenue Center is the comprehensive solution for streamlining billing and revenue management workflows.

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    Powerful solution for margin, stock loan and debit finance management. Syncova’s powerful tools enhance margin and financing management, through high quality analysis, reconciliation, replication, alerting and reporting.

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    Modestspark provides wealth reporting, document management and a digital service platform that integrates seamlessly with your current system. Modestspark can help your firm power the client experience and - as it supports integration with APX, Axys, and other systems - it’s easy to get started.

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    Advent Market Data

    Advent Market Data (AMD) provides you with a single, cloud-based platform with connectivity to several leading, global market data sources. This allows Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) to acquire critical data in order to manage your portfolios seamlessly.

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    Ease the burden of administration and regulatory compliance with a complete solution for fund order management and distribution. Tradex is a flexible and scalable fund operation solution that lets you take on more clients and offer more fund products - without the extra work.

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    Salentica is a leading provider of integrated CRM solutions and software, available on the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms. Salentica equips you with a powerful and integrated CRM that enables RIAs and wealth managers to anticipate clients’ needs and take action.

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    Advent TransPort

    Many firms need to customize Advent Custodial Data before sending it to their portfolio accounting systems — often a time-consuming and manual process. Now, a solution is available to ACD subscribers that allows you to automate that process, eliminate workarounds, and save valuable time.

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    Black Diamond Link for APX and Axys

    Leverage key features of the award-winning Black Diamond Wealth Platform without undergoing a system migration. An innovative portal can serve as an important point of differentiation for advisors looking to promote the more personal aspect of their service offering.

  • 2018
    Advent Custodial Data

    Let’s face it: reconciliation is a pain. Advent Custodial Data saves hours of work and reduces the risk of manual errors in the daily reconciliation process. Every day, it automatically consolidates account-level information from more than 800 custodians and funds for reconciliation.

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    Advent Genesis

    Manage models, rebalance accounts, monitor portfolio drift, and adjust strategies more quickly and efficiently – all within a comprehensive front office solution. Advent Genesis provides a seamless path from trading decisions to execution.

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    Advent Lumis

    Leveraging cutting-edge technology and turn-key, rule-based integration with Geneva®, Advent Lumis shines the light on critical processes for your operations teams. Monitor data quality across key areas of your business and take a pre-emptive approach to reducing operational risk.

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    Tamale RMS

    Tamale RMS is an investment research management software that helps centralize your research activities, improve your due diligence, and provide transparency for your investors. With Tamale, investment teams spend their time collaborating on ideas instead of searching for data.

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    Advent Index Data

    Producing timely and accurate performance reports for clients or prospective clients is an essential activity within investment management firms. Analyzing performance - uncovering the sources of returns relative to an index - requires detailed index performance data.

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    Advent Professional Services

    With access to product developers and unique product expertise, our services team can help you get the most out of our solutions. With global engagements and a team built on tenure and trust, we’re able to blend diagnostics, strategy, and execution, so you can maximize your tech investment.

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    Advent Data Solutions

    The reports you create — and the decisions you make — are only as good as the data they are based on. Advent Data Solutions delivers accurate custodial, corporate actions and benchmark data directly into your portfolio management and trading platforms, how and when you need it.

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    Give your clients the digital experience they expect, and your team the tools they need, to build and strengthen client relationships. With the digitalization of banking and wealth management, people expect more visibility and control over their assets.

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    Advent Portfolio Data

    Gain greater access to portfolio data sources, additional instrument coverage and automated downloads upon data availability. Advent Portfolio Data extends our ability to deliver the account-level data you depend on for reconciliation and other workflows, with greater portfolio data source access.

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    Geneva World Investor

    Real-time portfolio management and accounting, investor accounting, and reporting. For managers of investment partnerships, it can be a complex challenge to allocate profits, losses, expenses and tax impacts among multiple investors, accurately.

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    Advent Rules Manager

    A comprehensive solution for trading, compliance, and portfolio monitoring. Turn your manual policies and procedures into automated processes and lift compliance to a new level. Benefit from easy-to-implement rule guides, flexible coverage options and automated reporting.

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    Black Diamond Wealth Platform

    Manage your clients’ complete wealth picture with our purposeful suite of tools, and best-of-breed integrations. Drive profitability, efficiencies and grow your business with the Black Diamond Wealth Platform as the performance reporting software hub of your advisory business.

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    In a complex and fast-paced trading environment, a seamless trade order management system is more important than ever. Moxy® is proven to improve operational efficiency with a seamless workflow from portfolio modeling through to trade creation, execution, confirmation, allocation and settlement.

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    Advent Custodial Data for non-Advent systems

    With a proprietary or third-party system, consume account-level information from a growing network of portfolio data sources.

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    Advent Corporate Actions

    Advent Corporate Actions (ACA) delivers reports on all corporate actions that affect your clients’ portfolios, and provides your staff with reliable transaction instructions. It’s backed by our team of corporate actions specialists, standing by to help you interpret complex tax opinions and more.

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    Geneva for Hedge Funds

    Discover the leading portfolio and shadow accounting solution for the alternative world. Real-time portfolio management and accounting, investor accounting, and reporting. Geneva excels at portfolio accounting and position management for any instrument, within any structure, in any region.

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    Wealth Managers Can’t Have It All…or Can They?

    Life is a series of choices. We’re taught we can’t have it all, that we must pick one thing or another. And with every choice comes an inevitable opportunity cost. Wealth managers face the same predicament when determining and implementing their business strategy. Or think they do.

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    Emerging Managers: What to Consider When Outsourcing

    What does it take to start a hedge fund? And, what functions should a firm outsource in order to prioritize higher level work? The HFM US Operational Leaders’ Summit 2020, held earlier this month, addressed these questions with a focus on addressing operational issues facing the emerging managers.

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    Report: A Multi-Asset Class Future for Asset Managers

    Where will institutional asset managers find the investment returns to keep their clients happy and help meet their liability demands? The answer, increasingly, is to diversify into multiple asset classes including various forms of alternatives. But what factors need to be taken into consideration.

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    Info Kit: Tamale RMS for Asset Managers

    Tamale RMS is the research management solution purpose-built by and for investment professionals. It provides a centralized repository for organizing all research data, both internal and external, in one place—making it easy to access, search, find and share information.

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    How Asset Managers Benefit from a Multi-Consumer Data Model

    The collection, management and deployment of ever-greater volumes of data and information has become an asset management focal point.

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    Wealth Managers: Do You Fit in Your Clients’ Digital Life?

    Digital experiences have transformed nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

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    Geneva for Emerging Managers: Building Out an Infrastructure for Long Term Growth

    Comparing Q1-2019 with Q4-2018, there was a 23% increase in the number of hedge fund launches.

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    Managing Managers: Tamale Supports Due Diligence for Cornerstone Advisors

    Tamale RMS® is SS&C Advent’s award-winning research management solution, designed to help firms make more effective use of all the research data pouring into their offices, and ultimately make better-informed investment decisions more efficiently.

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    Paper: Technology and Operations Outsourcing for Asset and Hedge Fund Managers

    A guide for Asset and Hedge Fund Managers. Not long ago, technology and operations outsourcing in the investment management industry was largely regarded as a way for firms to reduce their IT overhead and back-office burdens.

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    Front-office Tools Add Value Where Wealth Managers Need it Most

    We’re always looking for how and where we can add the most value for our wealth manager clients, so you in turn can add real value to your end investors. And the front office is a particular area of focus.

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    A Candid Conversation with Karen Geiger and Steve Leivent – Co-General Managers of SS&C Advent

    Our wide-ranging interview covered their experiences during the pandemic, how they are approaching their new roles as business leaders as well as their outlook on the industry, technology innovation and the evolution of the SS&C Advent business.