The Solution

Simplify your mineral and royalty management with our trusted platform, designed for owners and managers.

Our automated system captures revenue and JIB data, eliminating tedious manual tasks. With powerful visualization tools, you can easily analyze and track all your assets, ensuring you receive every dollar owed. Our out-of-the-box features provide instant insights into your leases, active statuses, and available acreage.


Our comprehensive modules streamline every aspect of mineral management. Whether you manage a single entity or multiple interests, our platform saves time, enhances transparency, and maximizes returns on your oil and gas assets.

Wm Land Module

Land Module

MineralWare provides access to comprehensive data on permits, production, well statuses, and more, empowering you with vital information whenever needed.


The unparalleled convenience of MineralWare’s cutting-edge mapping tool offers nationwide access to real-time well, permit, and production data tailored to your interests. With a simple point-and-click interface, you can explore meticulously mapped areas of interest effortlessly. Additionally, you can instantly identify the status of your leases, whether active or inactive, ascertain available acreage for lease, and ensure accurate compensation.

Wm Revenue Module

Revenue Module

Gain deeper insights into your assets through MineralWare’s trend and acquisition analysis. This allows you to organize well data according to your preferences and track performance seamlessly. Rest assured, reliable revenue data is delivered automatically for all your wells each month, ensuring transparency and efficiency in your operations.


You can further elevate your revenue capture process with MineralWare’s comprehensive solutions to streamline operations and enhance asset management. By leveraging our expertise, we'll process, automate, and standardize all your royalty income, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately. Tailor your data with customizable reports to meet your specific analysis requirements.

Wm Join Interest Billing

Join Interest Billing

With MineralWare’s streamlined automation solutions, you can remove the hassle and tedium of tracking Joint Interest Billing (JIB) statements. Our team has simplified the entire process, ensuring a stress-free experience. With our intuitive expense data entry system, you can easily track your JIB expenses and invoices each month. The automatic net total tracking feature seamlessly overlays your revenue data with expenses, providing a clear visualization of your net total for each property. You can also customize your expense classifications to standardize reporting across various working interest properties and operators, empowering you with tailored insights and efficient management tools.

Why choose SS&C MineralWare

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Real-time land data
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Streamline revenue capturing
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Customizable reporting
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Trend & acquisition analysis
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Automated Join Interest Billing statements (JIB)
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Expense data entry
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Custom expense classifications

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Simplify your mineral and royalty management with SS&C MineralWare.