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25 April 2023

Value Propositions Redefined for Investment Managers

Competitive advantage in a changing landscape

The value propositions for wealth and asset managers are being redefined as they face increased pressure to deliver alpha and justify fees. Between the influx of data and easily accessible trading platforms, firms that create a modern, client-centric experience that balances personalized attention and smooth digital interaction stand to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive market. The challenge for investment firms is to deliver on that promise of personalization at scale.

The next generation of investors

Leading this changing environment is a new generation of investors. Growing up in the digital age, these individuals expect a dynamic and modern tech experience that offers the ability to maintain a diverse portfolio incorporating various investment strategies. To deliver on this expectation, firms need to stay ahead of the curve in their use of technology and data analytics. This requires a robust platform with tools to deliver deep insights into portfolios so they can make informed investment decisions. Additionally, these firms need a platform that can effectively manage a small number of complex institutional portfolios and many wealth-focused model portfolios.

The need for purpose-built technology

Given the pace of change, firms are looking to gain agility and remove growth barriers so they can seamlessly pivot to alpha-generating opportunities. Today’s intelligent technologies should support seamless data integration, complex portfolio management, order creation, and robust analytics into a single solution, enabling portfolio managers to make informed investment decisions and execute them more quickly.

To effectively manage multiple portfolios comprised of diversified and personalized assets, investment managers must invest in a solid, time-tested foundational platform that is purpose-built and designed with growth and scale in mind. In addition, the optimal platform should address a firm’s needs today and have the built-in flexibility to adapt to tomorrow. This means aligning with a partner with deep domain expertise honed by decades of experience. This type of technology investment enables firms to focus on their clients and their core competencies, provides the flexibility to adapt to change, and the ability to expand into new product offerings, asset classes, and geographic markets.

SS&C Advent’s approach to innovation

As one of the trailblazers in innovative investment technologies, we understand that to have a lasting impact involves preparing for and anticipating our clients’ future needs. That is why we take a pragmatic approach to innovation. We develop solutions with creativity and curiosity while applying lessons learned through rigorous testing and organic evolution to identify and solve real client challenges. As a result, the solutions we deliver today will solve the challenges our clients face tomorrow.

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