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07 August 2019

A Foundation for the Future

Why is technology continually upgraded? The reasons are numerous and highly interconnected. For the Black Diamond team, the primary decision to build a new platform, what we’ve coined “BD3,” was based on creating a better foundation for advisors and their future business. Our mission was to upgrade our technology so it could best support the evolution of a comprehensive wealth management platform.

As we approach the sunset of our legacy BlueSky platform, we can reflect on a chapter that led to significant growth – but more importantly – a chapter that provided deep insights on what advisors need to take their businesses to the next level. Now that nearly 100% of our clients have transitioned to BD3, I’d like to thank them for being great partners and for their ongoing trust and commitment! We’re now positioned to move even faster on your behalf. 

The recent release of the new client Billing application was a significant landmark that marked the availability of all core features within BD3. But we didn’t just move the functionality between systems, we delivered transformative capabilities and a better user experience - similar to our delivery of new Reporting functionality, our dynamic Client Experience portal and next-gen Rebalancer.

Yet again, we’ve begun to set higher goals for the future. Our key objectives have not changed, we help advisors attract more business, improve their client relationships, and become more operationally efficient. Our investments in the BD3 platform run broad and deep and we are committed to staying ahead of the constantly evolving wealth management lifecycle.

On the front-end of the client lifecycle, we aim to help advisors at a deeper level in the prospecting and onboarding phases. This is all about automation, self-serve, personalization and collaboration. We believe high-touch service and operational efficiency can co-exist at unprecedented levels. One-size fits all does not work for advisors or clients. Your clients have high expectations and you have to keep up with the ease of mobile consumer apps.

In the world of operations, we have lofty goals to continue advancements within data aggregation, trading, billing, and compliance. While there is a long list of enhancements going out in each six week release cycle – we are also attacking some of these opportunities in more intelligent and systematic ways. As an example, we are restructuring aspects of our data model to allow for a more personalized data analysis – pointing the user directly at what needs attention.

Our goal is to be as proactive as we can in anticipating future needs – while also being responsive to short-term needs that may arise. We thrive on the partnership and collaboration with our clients. We also remain a completely open platform and will integrate to deliver value faster and realize the vision. From tactical items around the BlueSky transition to more strategic topics in an advisor’s business, we’ll always jump on the opportunity to discuss and innovate together. Let’s stay connected.