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16 November 2023

A Simpler Solution for CRM | And A Truly Unified Experience for Advisors

Wealth management is a relationship business. So, it’s not surprising that, in our many conversations with advisors, they’ve told us that a CRM system is one of the most important components of their technology stack. At a time when people have more choices than ever in managing their financial lives, strong client engagement is a competitive necessity for fee-based advisors, and that requires having a complete, up-to-date picture of each relationship at their fingertips. With that in mind, we’ve designed our advisory business hub, the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform, to integrate smoothly with many CRM solutions, notably SS&C’s Salentica Elements and Salentica Engage.

Introducing Black Diamond CRM

Recognizing an emerging need in the market and seizing the opportunity to provide a comprehensive solution, SS&C introduced the Black Diamond CRM module. As a company already offering two robust enterprise CRM solutions via SS&C Salentica, there was an opening to cater to firms that needed more resources or expertise to administer these powerful platforms.

The Black Diamond CRM redefines the advisor experience by granting access to the power of an enterprise CRM in a managed experience, where Black Diamond operates as the outsourced admin on a firm’s behalf. This comprehensive managed services approach reduces the technology maintenance burden on advisors, freeing up valuable time for them to concentrate on developing stronger connections with their clients. Building upon the Salesforce Lightning Platform, Black Diamond CRM eliminates the need for platform-specific administration expertise and the burden of software maintenance and updates. Black Diamond CRM is also designed to further tighten the integration between portfolio management and customer relationship management by delivering a unified experience for advisors across the platform. It enables more informed, efficient, and personalized client interactions to help advisors elevate their service while streamlining operations.

Efficiency Meets Excellence

Black Diamond CRM leverages unique-to-SS&C features to drive productivity, create efficiencies, and improve client service, including:

  • InTouch: Empowering advisors to engage with clients at the right moment, tracking and creating last and next client touchpoints, including emails, calls, and client review activities.
  • Account Opening: Supporting both single and multi-custodial workflows, account opening integrations save advisors time and enable them to deliver a better client experience.
  • Time & Expense: Enabling advisors to gain insights into time and resource allocations, facilitating assessment of the investment in client relationships, all with automated efficiency and profitability tracking.
  • Workflow Manager: Streamlining and automating business processes efficiently through a comprehensive module with dynamic templates, approvals, checklists, and task management orchestration.
  • Robust Email Integration: Eliminating manual data transfers and synchronizing contacts, events, and tasks with a native in-email app that bridges the gap between CRM and major email solutions, such as Outlook and Gmail.
  • Pre-built Integrations: Simplifying and automating the tech stack with support from Black Diamond's CRM experts by providing access to a curated catalog of custodial and advisor technology integrations.

Additionally, should a firm decide at any time in the future that they are ready for more robust customization capabilities, they can upgrade directly from Black Diamond CRM to Salentica Elements without going through a data migration or new implementation process.

With clients expecting a more personalized experience with a comprehensive view of their financial lives, advisors must take advantage of technology that can give them an edge. By combining the agility of Black Diamond with the connectivity of CRM, financial advisors streamline their operations and be better equipped to provide their clients with the best financial guidance.

Read our recent press release to learn more about Black Diamond CRM.

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