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29 October 2018

All Client Portals are Not Alike

More than 25% of Americans say they’re “almost constantly” online and roughly three-quarters go online at least daily. Not only are more people comfortable using technology, but they have come to expect the convenience it affords them in every aspect of their lives. At the same time that consumers have become more adept with technology, online services and smartphone apps have become easier and more intuitive to use, creating a “virtuous circle” of increasing technological empowerment.

To serve this tech-savvy market, advisory firms must shift from thinking of technology purely in operational terms to thinking of it strategically as a business differentiator. By way of example, your client’s digital experience begins with your firm’s website and continues into your client portal. Most of your clients are already using client portals today for things like banking, paying bills and more. Therefore, it’s only natural for them to expect the same convenience from you, their financial advisor.

As your business moves forward, it’s important to ask yourself: Is your client portal everything you want it to be? Does it represent your brand? More importantly, will it help attract future clients?

A truly customizable client experience includes a robust set of value-adding features, such as:

  • Elegant interface—user friendly graphic displays for easy, intimate viewing
    Mobile friendly—access to accounts where the portfolio view automatically adapts to a client’s mobile device

    Reporting—real-time updates to holdings and generation of personalized reports
    Document vault—secure area to upload and download important documents

An innovative client portal can serve as an important point of differentiation for advisors looking to promote the more personal aspect of their service offering. However, not every firm has the same needs. That’s why SS&C Advent offers firms options when it comes to selecting the client portal that works best for them.

  • Black Diamond Link – leveraging key features of the award winning Black Diamond Wealth Platform, Black Diamond Link delivers aggregated data for net worth reporting, a customized dashboard experience, and a powerful integration network that helps elevate your client conversations.

    Modestspark – provides your advisory firm wealth reporting, document management, and a digital service platform that integrates seamlessly with your current wealth management system.

To help advisors provide a strong client portal experience, both Black Diamond Link and Modestspark integrate with SS&C Advent accounting systems like APX and Axys as well as many other systems such as Schwab PortfolioCenter.

The bottom line is that a client portal enables advisors to provide a more personalized and convenient customer experience. Plus, research shows that clients who actively engage with an advisor’s client portal tend to invest more and stay longer.

To learn more about how Black Diamond Link or Modestspark can help you provide the modern experience your clients need, please contact us at