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30 August 2021

Are you owning data or vice versa?

Directors of Research, Analysts, Portfolio Managers and virtually all other investment professionals face a deluge of information on a daily basis. Whether they successfully ride the wave or drown under its weight is explored in the whitepaper from Tamale RMS®, Controlling Data Chaos: The Competitive Advantage of Marshalling Information.

The increasingly essential nature of research management software has been accelerated by the sheer volume of data available. The whitepaper unearths four key challenges many organizations face when it comes to managing data:

  1. The volume of information is outpacing the ability to process it all without the appropriate tools and processes in place.
  2. The valuable time spent and wasted searching—sometimes without success—for information that would ideally be available at their fingertips.
  3. Research is scattered across multiple systems, causing a drain on profits and ratcheting up the potential for knowledge loss.
  4. Demonstrating exhaustive due diligence is viewed as the most important factor in improving investor confidence.

Being able to locate information efficiently with research management software shortens the investment decision process, improves the client experience and reduces non-productive activities. Without financial research software to centralize data, investment professionals spend a significant portion of their time searching, sifting, compiling, and formatting data and then analyzing it to produce actionable knowledge for themselves, their colleagues, or their clients. Minimizing the amount of time spent on search frees up time for analysis, idea generation, and investment decisions.

The Problem of Scattered Research
Locating information is only half of the battle. Research is often disseminated in a wide variety of forms and accessed by a wide variety of end users. Despite a clearly demonstrated need for clarity and control in the average research process, dedicated research management systems still lack widespread acceptance.

Large organizations have adopted research management systems earlier than their smaller counterparts. Likewise, institutional investors and asset managers embraced systems before advisory firms.

Bolstering Investor Confidence
Many in the industry believe that investor confidence could be improved by demonstrating that investment decisions are supported by exhaustive due diligence and more detailed reporting. The frequency and quality of client reporting have improved over the years as investment organizations enlisted technology to deliver enhanced client experiences.

Managing research effectively may seem like a daunting challenge, but like most challenges it should also be viewed as an opportunity.
A properly structured and managed research process benefits all stakeholders in the investment process. Tamale is a research investment management solution that enables firms to harness their collective knowledge and apply it more effectively in due diligence. It’s a centralized repository for capturing, organizing and sharing every piece of research data a firm receives or creates. With Tamale, a market-leading research management solution, teams spend their time deliberating investment ideas instead of searching for data.

For a comprehensive understanding, download the whitepaper today.