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17 October 2019

Black Diamond's Expanding Footprint

Any wealth manager who looked at the Black Diamond Wealth Platform in the past should take a look today, says Steve Leivent, SVP of Advisory for SS&C Advent. “We’re a completely different system than we were just a few years ago.”

Steve recently sat down with FinTechTV, the web channel covering technology for investment professionals, to discuss how Black Diamond is evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of advisors. At a time when R&D spending in fintech is at an all-time high, we’re investing significant amounts in product innovation, both to strengthen the platform’s core capabilities and to expand our footprint with the new functionality that advisors need. Steve cited the newly-built Rebalancer as an example.

Since Rebalancer’s release just one year ago, 300 enhancements have been made, a true testament to our unwavering development focus. A few notable updates include functionality such as a cross-application workflow between Billing and Rebalancer, a client friendly trade proposal report, and the ability to customize settings for asset equivalents.

Steve also discussed the Black Diamond integration strategy, noting that the platform breadth goes well beyond what we own by partnering with providers of complementary solutions, such as CRM and financial planning, to develop seamless connections across common workflows. It is squarely in our vision to continuously remove barriers that cause inefficiencies within advisory firms. Eliminating duplicate data entry and custodial digital account opening are both areas where we have recently provided increased value.

As Steve iterated, the Black Diamond team’s goal is to elevate the value of the advisor through the lens of the end client by providing a highly personalized experience that enhances overall relationship management. Financial life clarity in terms of data, goals, risks, and opportunities leads to better decision making – adding comfort for those who are concerned about the future (i.e., most of us).

Watch the full interview to learn how Black Diamond delivers on that promise.