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01 March 2019

Black Diamond Wealth Platform Helps PortfolioCenter Clients Make the Switch

SS&C Advent has successfully implemented more than 400 firms previously using PortfolioCenter. Part of our success comes from our seamless process for transitioning users. For example, the Black Diamond Wealth Platform has custom-built a conversion tool for this purpose.

“Firms that come to Black Diamond are always happily surprised by our service model, which is built around a dedicated client advocate and pulling out all the stops to meet our clients’ needs,” says Steve Leivent, SS&C SVP and Co-General Manager of SS&C Advent’s advisory business. “That starts right up front with a smooth and successful implementation. Service is the reason behind our exceptionally high net promoter score of 56.”

For firms currently using PortfolioCenter, we are extending the following offers to help make the switch:

  • For firms with AUM of $100 million or more: one year of free service on Black Diamond, plus free implementation using our conversion tool.
  • For firms with less than $100 million AUM: a free one-year subscription to ModestSpark, the client portal and reporting solution serving over 100 current PortfolioCenter clients.
  • We’re continuing to honor all offers that we have made specifically to PortfolioCenter firms in the past.


“We have multiple solutions to help advisors serve their clients and grow their business, regardless of firm size or complexity,” said Brian Justice, SS&C VP of advisory sales. “We also have a range of short- and long-term transition options. We really can tailor a solution to each firm’s unique situation.”

PortfolioCenter clients will want to become knowledgeable about their options and weigh them carefully in light of possible price increases and the risk of diminishing choices. We welcome comparison of our solutions and services on their own merits. That’s the antidote to uncertainty.

For full details on our offers, contact us at 1-800-727-0605, or email