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05 May 2022

Building Trust and Collaboration with Clients Is Key to the Success of SS&C Advent Geneva®

Clients pave the way for the Geneva roadmap

Throughout the year SS&C Advent connects with our clients during engaging focus groups, conferences, and roundtable discussions, which have developed an open dialogue that is the primary driver of the Geneva® roadmap. Many developments, features, and even new products are borne from these discussions. We recently announced the first round of updates from our biannual release cycle focused on enhancing your user experience, as well as building features that streamline workflows and drive growth for your business.


What’s in store for Geneva: Current and future plans

This release cycle continues our strategic investment in the areas of complex fund structures, data governance, asset class coverage, and data access. Moreover, responding to market movement and client investments in private credit and closed-end funds, we are introducing new workflows and investor accounting requirements to support these trends. Additionally, this release incorporates task workflow enhancements, such as automated, flexible checklists, that create transparency and enable users to manage large volumes of workflow-steps in a single action.

This month, we are hosting our bi-annual release webinar to highlight our current and future roadmap. To help reduce costs and reliance on custom reporting - as well as solve for data access - this webinar will feature a demo of Query Builder. You can also join the conversation to learn more about:

  • Dataset Creator: which allows users to add data points to standard reports, or combine two user-created query results into a single dataset

  • Beta opportunities: Learn about exciting new functionality in Beta and how to participate, such as Rest APIs for getting data into Geneva World Investor (GWI), new GWI share registry fund type with NAV rounding, and new integration options with Eze OMS

On the road again

Between conferences and client events, the Geneva team is back on the road this spring visiting and collaborating with our users. Earlier this year, we hosted a virtual focus group representing more than twenty practitioners of Geneva to discuss supporting digital assets. You can find more on that session by reading this post.

Starting next week, we are hosting a series of roadshow events in Chicago, Dublin, New York, San Francisco, and Boston. These events provide direct access to our development and solutions management teams, who are eager to hear directly from you to understand how Geneva can continue to support your needs. These events also offer an opportunity for you to engage with your industry colleagues during networking and peer-to-peer roundtable discussions. For a truly immersive experience, save the date for SS&C Deliver, our annual client conference, October 2 - 4. Stay in touch with your Relationship Manager to find out more information about these exciting opportunities to join us in person.

Geneva: proven technology for the life of your firm

Our reciprocal relationship with Geneva clients is second to none and the qualitative feedback provided during these events propels us to build trusted solutions. Geneva is the proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers, and mutual funds that require a high-level of operational efficiency and easy access to real-time data. Geneva enables firms to manage complex investment vehicles, multiple investment strategies, and tiered fund structures. What’s more, SS&C Advent is continually reinvesting in enhancements to keep our clients ahead of an ever-evolving, global marketplace.