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01 September 2022

Delivering the Future: Thought Leadership for Financial Advisors

SS&C Deliver is right around the corner. We are excited to be back in Orlando, Florida, to host the premier event for leading minds in financial services and technology. If you have not registered yet, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the many ways thought leaders and innovative technology will be Delivering the Future.

We have a superb lineup of informational sessions and special events so advisors can learn, collaborate and grow. Here’s a quick look at some of the featured sessions for our wealth management clients:

  • The Looming Talent Shortage for Wealth Management Firms and How to Prepare – Financial advisors are in the service industry. Today’s advisors must position themselves at the intersection of their client’s personal and financial life and help them make the best of both. However, as the industry moves forward, advisory firm owners are now staring down the "Great Resignation" and finding that attracting and retaining the best and brightest has emerged as a top management issue.

    In this session, our expert panel will discuss ways to help educate, attract, and keep new talent in the advisory profession.
  • Advances in Wealth Management RegTech: Managing Compliance Mandates – Recent guidance from FINRA requires advisors and broker-dealers to enhance their written supervisory procedures and policies. However, for many firms, relying on spreadsheets for account and trade analysis isn’t enough and sometimes may only complicate the process. During this session, the panel will discuss how leveraging RegTech can help wealth management firms with monitoring employee trades in accounts held away; managing outside business activities, gifts, and entertainment, and political contribution and donation tracking; senior and vulnerable investor surveillance; leveraging CRM data for investment suitability and Reg BI; and anti-money laundering.
  • Managing Asset Class Diversification in an ESG World – An emerging theme for wealth managers is achieving sustainable growth through the expansion of asset classes within funds or model portfolios—ensuring the performance stays in tune with the portfolio solution presented to the client by the DFM or advisor. Managing risk and driving returns across a diversified portfolio continues to be a priority; simultaneously, ESG is fast evolving, and front office practices require screening and controls at the portfolio construction and re-balancing phases. We’ll examine new techniques available to the front-office user community and cover the downstream changes to the operating model to future-proof managers throughout asset class diversification.
  • Automating the Client Acquisition Process for Wealth Managers – This session will showcase how to automate the lifecycle of a new account using SS&C tools. From prospect to account opening to account establishment and funding to the end-user experience, we will walk you through how to better streamline this fundamental process.
  • Insights on Providing Holistic Financial Advice in Wealth Management – To have a comprehensive conversation with clients, advisors must have a complete picture of their financial lives, covering everything from investments to insurance and everything in between – including a client’s values.

Traditionally, digital financial planning tools assisted advisors as they helped paint a roadmap for clients, outlining the steps they needed to take to reach their goals.  This session will delve into how today’s financial tools allow advisors to serve clients in a meaningful and insightful way.

To register for SS&C Deliver and access a full agenda, visit our events page today. We look forward to welcoming you in person.