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18 June 2019

Face to Face: Engaging Discussions on a Wide Range of Topics

Nearly 300 clients gathered to discuss various topics with their peers, ranging from industry trends to best practices across the SS&C Advent product suite in a series of successful events through the first half of the year in New York, Boston, Chicago, Vancouver and Seattle. Much of this discussion took place in a facilitated roundtable format, which allows no-holds-barred, peer-to-peer exchanges, interspersed with questions and answers from subject matter experts.

In order to deliver solutions our clients can depend on to run their business, we spend a lot of time cultivating long-standing partnerships to understand how our clients use our solutions every day and plan for future needs. These roundtable forums provide clients a chance to interact face to face, not only with our solution teams, but also with each other to learn from the experiences of other firms. 

All events saw spirited engagement on a wide range of topics including:

  • Client communications
  • Compliance
  • CRM best practices
  • Data governance
  • High-level operational challenges
  • How firms handle complex asset classes
  • Product roadmap
  • Outsourcing
  • RPA/ML
  • Trading


These events embody the partnerships we strive to develop and grow with clients. Judging from the response, clients clearly value and appreciate these interaction opportunities.  We know that taking an afternoon out of busy schedules isn’t easy.  We’re excited to continue to advance industry knowledge and expertise, give clients a chance to have direct input into our product plans, as well as network with industry colleagues. We certainly appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic participation.

Clients have always played a critical role in SS&C Advent’s product development process and in our strategic direction as a company. SS&C Chairman and CEO Bill Stone put it best: “Talking to clients and prospects, and listening to their issues and concerns is what differentiates low versus high customer satisfaction. You can’t deliver solutions if we don’t understand our clients’ problems and perspectives.”

The next opportunity to join peer-to-peer discussions is at SS&C Deliver September 17-19 in Orlando, where along with many other thought provoking and educational sessions we will to hold a series of roundtables on issues that matter to our clients. Register now for SS&C Deliver and be part of the conversation!