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16 June 2020

Geneva and Eze: Best of Breed Made Easy

For the SS&C Advent Geneva team, SS&C’s 2018 acquisition of Eze Software was a stroke of good fortune. We had known Eze for the better part of two decades, primarily as a collaborator and in some instances a friendly competitor. In fact, Eze OMS was by far the number one third-party trade order management system we encountered among Geneva clients. Both our platforms have long been considered “best of breed” and earned industry accolades in their respective categories. Sharing a significant number of clients, it was in both our interests to partner to ensure our systems worked optimally together to keep our mutual clients happy.

Now that we’re under the same corporate umbrella, it has become increasingly clear that Geneva and Eze are a powerful combination with enormous potential for clients. Together, these platforms provide firms with an integrated solution suite for managing complex strategies and fund structures involving multiple asset classes and currencies, backed by single-provider service and support. The integration of Geneva and Eze enables firms to manage portfolios, trade and report across the full range of securities and fund types, from traditional equities to complex derivative and debt instruments. It also allows firms to diversify their product offerings, as more and more investors seek exposure to a broader range of asset classes and fund types.

We recognize that we have a tremendous opportunity to take our long-standing collaboration forward to its logical result of “best of breed made easy” – a tightly integrated, front-to-back solution for our clients. Our teams are in continuous dialogue and we share each other’s roadmaps and can see clearly where they merge. In the 18 months since the acquisition, we’ve begun hosting the platforms together and delivering managed services jointly. We have gained new business by presenting both solutions in combination, and are finding that asset managers and hedge funds alike are seeing value in the combined solution.

Going forward, our strategy is one of ever-increasing integration, ultimately delivering a seamless end-to-end solution. We have made the right organizational moves to accelerate our momentum and make that vision a reality. And of course, we have the added advantage of substantial input and feedback from clients who use both Geneva and Eze to guide our roadmap decisions. Watch this space for continuing updates on our progress. This marriage holds a lot of promise for our clients and for the industry, and we are actively working to fulfill it.