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30 July 2019

KuE Capital Discovers Deeper Dimensions of Tamale RMS

Have you ever purchased software to be used for a specific purposes, but once you are able to “play around” with the system, the real value and capabilities become clear?

That was the experience of KuE Capital, a Mexico City-based multi-family office. The firm invests with a variety of managers worldwide, including private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds, and limited partnerships. The asset management team also runs its own in-house portfolio of 20 to 25 stocks. Conducting due diligence and tracking the activity of multiple managers, plus its own stock selections, was a challenge. “We have a lot of meetings with fund managers and management teams from public companies,” explains Rodrigo Lopez Buenrostro, head of asset management. “We wanted to find a way to organize all that relationship knowledge. So we started searching for a system.”

After a challenging experience with a software designed more for CRM, KuE Capital circled back to its shortlist of options, and ultimately selected Tamale. As a research management system, Tamale delivered on the firm’s original objective. But, as Rodrigo explains, Tamale is also valuable for documenting the firm’s thinking and reasoning around its decisions. “Anytime we buy a stock we note the reasons that we bought it and the price at which we bought it,” says Rodrigo. “When we sell that stock in a few years, we go through the same process. It’s our ‘investment diary’ telling us how we’re doing as investors.”

For KuE Capital, using a purpose-built research management system like Tamale delivers critical benefits no generic software can match: hours of time savings searching for information, easier information sharing and team collaboration, and more effective use of the firm’s collective knowledge base.

To learn more about how the KuE Capital team works smarter with Tamale, check out the full case study.