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14 May 2020

New Releases Bring Tighter Integration and an APX NextGen UI to Clients

This past April, we released our 20.1 product enhancements with a fully-integrated suite of front-to-back functionality to support investment managers worldwide. Anchored by Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX), the suite represents a comprehensive multi-currency, multi-asset platform that can be rapidly deployed for asset and wealth managers of all sizes, from start-ups to the largest global organizations.

With the 20.1 release, clients will see the benefits of real-time data synchronization across APX, Moxy, Advent Rules Manager, and Advent Genesis, ensuring that the front and back offices are making decisions based on timely and consistent portfolio data. We’re also introducing the APX NextGen user interface, bringing users faster and more intuitive access to critical portfolio data, with a more modern look, lighter footprint, expanded browser support, and a host of new power user tools. The new UI improves access to APX data via Google Chrome and allows firms to transition out of Internet Explorer. Moreover, firms using APX, Moxy, Rules Manager, and Genesis will now see a much more consistent user experience across the full suite.

Details of the 20.1 enhancements are outlined in this webinar. Below is a preview of highlights:

In addition to the NextGen interface, further enhancements to APX include:

  • Enhanced fixed-income support with coverage for continuously callable bond calculations, which are common with US municipal bonds
  • GIPS® 2020 reporting enhancements, with more automated composite report creation for firms moving to the updated standard
  • A new authentication framework for improved security and integration


With Moxy, we’ve made improvements to the user interface, and we’ve continued to enhance integration with APX and with several new and updated external providers. Client firms will see:

  • Improved automatic, near real-time synchronization of common data between APX and Moxy to ensure data consistency for front- and back-office users
  • New integration with Omgeo for trade settlement
  • New connectivity for BlockCross to support international securities
  • Enhancements to our UnaVista MiFIR interface
  • Additional user-defined fields to further flexibility in key workflows


Advent Genesis, our cloud-based trade creation, portfolio construction and rebalancing platform, has already seen several waves of enhancements in 2020, with a particular focus on:

  • Streamlined workflows to facilitate multi-strategy, multi-asset portfolio overlays and customizations at scale
  • Robust integration with Advent Rules Manager to consolidate pre-trade compliance checking results
  • Expanded tax management capabilities across the suite to improve investor returns


As always, client feedback is the primary driver of our product roadmap priorities and decisions across the APX Suite. We are constantly reinvesting in solution improvements and delivering them on a consistent schedule. Our goal is to create a seamless process for all of our clients to stay current and leverage new functionality that helps produce efficiencies, drive scale, and enhances the overall client experience. Watch the webinar today or contact us to learn more.