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09 October 2018

On-Time On-Budget and Virtually Seamless

New York-based asset manager, Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co., LLC (DGHM), is an established client of SS&C Advent, beginning with its 2004 implementation of Axys. Early on, DGHM saw an opportunity to replace five separate software programs they were currently using with the recently launched Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX). Transforming to a new system can be a constraint on a firm’s time and budget. To oversee the conversion from SS&C Advent’s Axys to APX, DGHM utilized Advent Professional Services.

Adhering to a proprietary methodology, Advent Services has proven successful in hundreds of installations of SS&C Advent solutions. At its core, the methodology is a rigorous planning workshop to clearly define objectives and assign roles on both SS&C Advent’s and the client’s part.

“One of the best things they did in the beginning was map out the risks and how to mitigate the risks,” Working with Advent Services fundamentally guarantees a successful implementation. The project managers and technical consultants are trained, experienced, and certified experts on SS&C Advent technology and implementation best practices. The process and methodology that Advent Services employs eliminates the risks of delays, errors, cost overruns and business disruption.

A successful conversion to APX is critical for countless reasons, including:

  • To be sure that clients do not experience any disruption in service

  • To ensure that the firm’s valuable data is protected

  • To equip staff to start using the system immediately

  • To enable the firm to start realizing the expected benefits of the solution—vastly increased operational efficiency and ROI— from the moment of “go-live”

“If you’re going to use a SS&C Advent system and you decide to convert, use Advent’s Services for the conversion, absolutely. Our experience was so good—as I said, on time, on budget, organized, smooth, and virtually seamless. I couldn’t recommend that more.”

To learn more about how Advent Professional Services has streamlined and transformed the management and investor reporting process at DGHM, read the full case study or contact us.