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30 May 2019

Scaling Investment Management Through Model Portfolios

The popularity of model portfolios among advisors is growing - and for good reason. When you combine rising global regulations, the expansion in availability, and the need for efficiency due to increasing client expectations – utilizing this type of outsourced investment management makes for an attractive strategy. I recently hosted a webinar with State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) and Black Diamond’s exclusive TAMP and managed account provider, SMArtX, where we discussed some compelling research. During our time together, SSGA demonstrated opportunities, along with the perceived barriers, of model portfolios from the perspective of both advisors and individual investors. 

The research conducted by SSGA looked at 4 key points:

  • An advisor’s motivations and challenges for considering models as part of their practice.
  • How model portfolios are tied to accelerating business growth.
  • The gain and loss opportunities when thinking about investors.
  • How to portray your value proposition when discussing model portfolios with investors.


SSGA also explained to us in detail what you need to think about when employing such a strategy – outlining the due diligence, goal-based thinking and client experience approach that’s required. And as one of the largest asset managers globally, they gave us a look inside their own investment philosophy and process and how they weave both a fundamental and quantitative approach to constructing model portfolios.

We concluded the event by demonstrating the deep integration between SMArtX and Black Diamond. This partnership enables advisors to select strategies, like those offered by SSGA, implement and execute them through SMArtX, and then report on them at the sleeve level within Black Diamond.

I invite you to watch this one hour, information packed webinar. It’s full of actionable takeaways and shows how model portfolios allow for personalization, differentiation and value proposition opportunities for financial advisors.  

Click here to watch the full recording today.