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20 November 2018

SS&C Advent: Waters BST Award Winner for Best Outsourcing Provider 2 Years in a Row

As we set out to create a best-in-class outsourcing offering, we discovered that clients had decidedly mixed feelings about the outsourcing concept in general. Firms understood the advantages of cost control and staff augmentation, but they were wary of giving up too much control and flexibility, as well as concerned about cybersecurity. We invested in the service because we believed that we could deliver a unique, highly secure outsourcing offering – one that would raise the bar and change the perception of outsourcing from simply a cost-cutting measure to a strategic asset.

Now, it has come to fruition: For the second year in a row, Advent Outsourcing Services is named Best Outsourcing Provider in the Waters Buy-Side Technology Awards.

Today, adoption of outsourcing continues to grow as firms elect outsourcing to drive greater efficiency and reduce operational risk, as well as for the agility to add new products, enter new markets, or scale up or down quickly as market conditions change. Advent Outsourcing Services (AOS) delivers a highly flexible, scalable and customizable service in response to this evolving perspective.

Firms can leverage any of SS&C Advent’s core technology solutions in the cloud, including Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) or Geneva® for portfolio management. We are uniquely positioned to offer 24/7 solution monitoring and support from product specialists, which optimizes response time by staff who work exclusively on these solutions with access to development resources should that be necessary, in contrast to third-party hosting providers.

Flexibility is also critical to our clients, who can select from a robust menu of operational services, including reconciliation, reporting, performance management and data services. The AOS team works with clients as their business needs change to determine which workflows are best outsourced or co-sourced, and which make sense to manage in-house.

Outsourcing with AOS ensures adherence to best practices and improves compliance readiness, with systems and processes that stand up to regulatory scrutiny, as well as institutional due diligence. Our SS&C data centers meet the industry’s most rigorous standards for security and business continuity.

A panel comprised of five buy-side technology consultants and four of the magazine’s most experienced industry journalists judges the Waters Technology annual awards. We are extremely grateful for this independent industry recognition and committed to serving our clients with a best-in-class service every day.