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26 January 2023

The Black Diamond Wealth Platform and the Del Monte Group: Creating Possibilities

The Del Monte Group has developed a unique approach to building a wealth management firm that delivers strategic, innovative financial solutions based on personalized goals tailored to every client. The Del Monte Group puts client aspirations first by providing for their lifetime needs with resourceful, cost-effective, and tax-efficient ways to help them grow and enjoy their wealth.

“What all of this means to us is a focus on multi-generational wealth planning,” says Angela Wright, CFP®, President of The Del Monte Group. “We learned long ago that we can have a big impact on the next generation of heirs, so we keep that top of mind in our work with existing clients, calling it ‘Creating a Place of Possibility.’”

As part of that focus, The Del Monte Group has always been an innovator and forward-thinking firm, investing in the latest technology to create an outstanding client experience while also delivering operational efficiencies to scale with its growth.

For over 30 years, The Del Monte Group has experienced all aspects of the latest technological innovations. It has been an early adopter of cloud-native solutions, most notably launching SS&C’s Black Diamond® Wealth Platform in 2009. “Back then, our goals were to have better communication tools and reporting for our clients, as well as to develop an easy and secure way to deliver their statements and performance reports,” notes Wright. “Additionally, we wanted to get out of the downloading and reconciling business, so Black Diamond was the perfect solution.”

Today, The Del Monte Group incorporates all aspects of Black Diamond, including leveraging the platform’s graphical, intuitive visuals. “Clients love when we project their financial situation on a whiteboard, and we can draw on top of it and illustrate various investment and financial planning concepts. As a result, they can truly interact with their wealth in a way they’ve never done before,” Wright says.

To gain those key operational efficiencies in the back office within Black Diamond, The Del Monte Group leverages the platform’s integrated CRM powered by SS&C Salentica. These two systems work seamlessly to help save time and enrich the investor experience with engaging dialogue. In addition, The Del Monte Group and its custodian have also developed a robust infrastructure to support their clients, advisors, and operational staff to run other advisors’ firms’ businesses on the Black Diamond platform.

“We’ve created a solid foundation with Black Diamond and Salentica, so we can now ‘rent’ our back office to support a few smaller advisory firms, generating incremental revenues,” Wright says. “We take great pride in helping our advisors and those that outsource to us to build and grow their careers. Black Diamond technology has been a great way to do that.”

As the firm advances, Wright says the team will continue to take an organic growth approach, providing fantastic service to generate referrals, which have been a great source of new business. “Our focus on the entire wealth picture has been key to our success working with clients, and our technology has been an important driver to connect with the next generation of clients. Black Diamond has been a true partner in our growth story.”

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