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15 July 2022

The Role of Technology in Investment Management

Finance and technology have become inextricably interwoven. Technology that is purpose-built to support financial operations and strategies – what we call fintech – is the fusion of technical and financial expertise. Technology is the great enabler that underpins the smooth and efficient functioning of the financial world.

When we talk to clients, or track industry conversations on social media, we keep hearing about the same things – the cloud, big data, data lakes, microservices. These aren't just buzzwords anymore. Its clear companies around the world have recognized that leveraging cloud technology and applying data to drive efficiency have become table stakes, not differentiators. The cloud and open source software have democratized cutting-edge technology and made it available to everybody.

We see this in the complex arena in which SS&C operates, powering investment businesses around the globe, whether they are in wealth or asset management, alternatives, or a mix. For the firms we serve, the products and services we provide are mission-critical. They understand that our technology makes it possible to do what they do, but are also realizing that technology has the potential to derive even more value than ever before, by leveraging the power of data and the ability to self-service, to remove barriers between investment managers and the insights in the data available to them.  

Just as technology powers our clients’ businesses, it also powers our own. We use technology to empower our development teams to bring new ideas to life, to release more frequently, to get feedback from our clients and act upon it quickly, and to deliver value continuously. It is one of the cornerstones of our technology strategy to build what is needed to harness the valuable data that our award-winning accounting systems produce and make it available alongside other datasets to power the award-winning applications and services we offer.

At SS&C Advent, we believe our big differentiator is our ability to leverage decades of deep domain knowledge in the investment industry, combined with the expertise of our broad range of clients across asset classes and countries, and fuse it with the latest technology to create the next generation of tools and services – not just to make the lives of our users easier, and the work they perform more seamless and scalable, but to deliver value far beyond what was ever possible given the limitations of older technologies.

In the end, the role of technology in the financial sector we are privileged to serve is not to be the solution, but an enabler to solving problems and creating value for investment firms – by lowering cost of ownership, decreasing friction, and increasing innovation.