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11 July 2019

Turning an Opportunity into a Differentiating Strength with CRM Integration

In today’s digital world, there is so much opportunity to engage and impress clients without having to incorporate another manual process. In fact, both prospects and clients expect a timely, personalized and proactive approach to communications. This is why you’ll find a client relationship management (CRM) system comprises a key part of every fine-tuned advisor workflow.

A CRM solution isn’t just for tracking client data. It boosts productivity, shortens sales cycles and gives meaningful business insights which drive revenue and profitability.  However, the key to harnessing a CRM’s real power is when it integrates with other core pieces of an advisor’s tech stack.

With client demographic data housed in your CRM and investment data housed in your performance reporting engine, it makes sense that the two systems should exchange information. Take our deep SS&C Salentica CRM integration with Black Diamond® for example – a prospect you’ve been working with is ready to move their assets under your management. Instead of a time consuming manual setup and new account opening process, you would simply initiate a new client onboarding workflow within your CRM. Automatically you’d be leveraging the required data that lives within your CRM to create and setup your new client within Black Diamond.  From there you can kick-off the online account opening process through your custodian as well as automatically flow the new client information into the rest of your technology stack for financial planning, risk analytics, and compliance.  You’ve just made a painstaking process an efficient and smooth experience for your back office.

When an advisor has a comprehensive wealth platform like Black Diamond at the heart of their business, the opportunities are endless. With ten robust CRM companies in our integration lineup, including resident CRM, SS&C Salentica, our clients have options.

The most recent addition to the mix is Wealthbox CRM. “Black Diamond has been a highly requested integration by advisors using Wealthbox CRM,” said Steve Carroll, Senior Product Manager at Wealthbox. “Increasingly, larger RIA firms are switching to Wealthbox CRM, and we’re delighted to provide advisors seamless access to their Black Diamond accounts.”

Black Diamond has a strong focus on not just CRM integrations, but in risk analytics, financial planning, compliance, portfolio analytics and more. This empowers advisors to turn an opportunity into a differentiating strength by enabling them to build an end-to-end, best practice technology stack that exceeds expectations and optimizes their business for growth.


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