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#2 G1 vs G2 Advisors Selling Strategies and Technology

With so many "self-serve" platforms and quick Google searches, anyone can manage their own portfolio, right?

Your hosts Trent Berry and Sarah Johnson from SS&C Advent are joined by an incredible guest Matt McGowan, Director of Channel Alliances, Riskalyze to discuss the transition from G1 to G2 advisors and how technology will play a huge role in their sales strategy. In this episode, they discuss transition, selling strategies, adopting new technologies, and how the new client demographic affects all.

With so many “self-serve” platforms and quick Google searches, anyone can manage their own portfolio, right? Listen now to hear what Matt McGowan thinks on what actions G2 Advisors need to take to not only sell their services but maintain clients in this tech-savvy millennial world of trading.

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Matt McGowan

Director of Channel Alliances | Riskalyze

As Director of Channel Alliances, Matt leads asset manager partnership initiatives for Riskalyze. His team works with advisors across the country to improve business efficiencies in a way that aligns their client experience, investment process, and operations. Prior to Riskalyze, Matt helped RIAs and independent advisory firms across the Midwest implement turnkey investment and custodial solutions in their businesses. Matt earned his bachelors from James Madison University in Virginia and his MBA from Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

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Sarah Johnson

Host | SS&C Advent

Sarah is part of SS&C Advent’s advisory marketing team, with her primary focus being the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform. Along with writing and managing sales enablement content, she also develops client communications, coordinates webinars, and portrays the value of integration through her work with complementary partner solutions. Sarah began her marketing career in financial services in 2009, holding roles at Atlantic Coast Bank and TIAA Bank before transitioning to financial technology in 2018 when she started with SS&C Advent. She holds a BBA in management with a minor in communications from the University of North Florida.

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Trent Berry

Host | SS&C Advent

Informally known as ”The Voice of University,” Trent Berry joined SS&C Advent at the turn of the century in 2000, having previously worked in Support and Consulting before occupying his current long standing role as Advent’s Senior Instructional Designer As such, he is responsible for client and employee training for products such as APX, Axys, and Geneva. In his spare time when not working or perfecting French cooking techniques in his kitchen, Trent owns and operates Dreamrack Studios, a professional recording studio in San Francisco where he can be found producing and engineering music for various artists.