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19 May 2020

SS&C Announces 1H2020 SS&C Advent Product Updates

WINDSOR, CT, May 19, 2020 (PR NEWSWIRE) – SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC), today announced  releases across its full line of SS&C Advent solutions, including Advent Portfolio Exchange®, Advent Genesis®, Geneva®, Moxy® and related platforms. The 20.1 release empowers locally deployed and cloud-delivered clients with leading-edge functionality.

“Client feedback has been instrumental in driving development across our solutions, resulting in a robust set of enhancements,” said Karen Geiger, Chief Development Officer of SS&C Advent. “We’ve added flexibility, scalability and new workflows. We continue to invest in our solutions to provide clients with faster, easier-to-use and more powerful functionality.”

Highlights of the latest releases include:

Advent Outsourcing Services: Advent has launched a new console to support the increasing number of clients who use Advent Outsourcing Services (AOS). Clients benefit from real-time transparency and view outsourced workflow processes at will. Real-time synchronous and trackable exchanges within the console facilitate collaboration and effective issue resolution. Additionally, clients  can validate to regulators they have proven oversight of their outsourced processes.

Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX): The core accounting, reporting and performance measurement application introduces a new, responsive user interface. A modernized authentication framework enables greater usability, integrations and security. Fixed income improvements, such as support for continuous callable bonds and several global accrual calendars, further extend the system’s robust bond analytics. New performance measurement periods and an updated composite dispersion report will enable greater transparency and more efficient GIPS® reporting.

Geneva®: The latest release of Geneva delivers complex counterparty reconciliation improvements for equity swaps by focusing on a user-centric swap reconciliation workspace.  Geneva also has included new workflows to simplify common equity swap processing, such as re-rating hard-to-borrow securities and top-side position adjustments to bring financing in-line.  Ahead of the LIBOR termination, Geneva has been preparing for new SOFR rates, including flat compounding on the index vs. the spread and lock-out days to rate look-ups. 

Lumis®: The data governance and exception management solution introduces new, automated custom workflow design and execution capabilities. Custom pre-defined steps will auto-generate as part of period-over-period operational workflows. These process-oriented enhancements facilitate the firm’s ability to implement automated controls over any required set of processes and wrap workflow attributes, such as:

  • Assignment/re-assignment of users;
  • Automated notifications, triggers and dependencies;
  • Primary and/or secondary approvals and alerts for breaching pre-defined SLA deadlines;
  • Dashboard views, with the option to take action on tasks.

Moxy® and Advent Rules Manager®:  Improvement of the real-time sync of shared data between APX and Moxy ensures that portfolio managers and traders are working with the most current and accurate data. Trading connectivity was not only enhanced with improvements to the UnaVista MiFIR interface but also expanded with new connectivity to BlockCross for non-U.S. securities and DTCC ITP for post-trade processing. New user-defined fields were added across trading and compliance to provide clients with improved efficiencies, coverage and flexibility.

Advent Genesis™: The cloud-based trade creation, rebalancing and portfolio construction platform for portfolio managers have released 15 waves of enhancements year-to-date.  Highlights include:

  • New overlay portfolio management workflows enabling firms to manage diversified, multi-strategy portfolios and households while seamlessly integrating into APX for accounting;
  • Integration with Advent Rules Manager for enhanced pre-trade compliance checks;
  • New exposure analytics with actionable order creation

Syncova®: The margin calculation and collateral management solution’s new Geneva integration supports fully-featured and automated batch activities.  New editable query screens allow easier management of rate overrides for margin requirements or funding accruals, with optional automatic recalculation of impacted accounts.

Tradex®: The fund order management and distribution platform introduce new workflows to record events for private equity funds, including capital calls and distributions. The latest updates include new trade restrictions on funds and portfolios as well as the ability to switch funds across multiple client accounts.

Tamale RMS®: HFM US Technology’s “Best Research Management Solution” added three new research and data visualizations to its dashboard in the web application and unlocked new Summary View and Tear Sheet capabilities. The introduction of advanced relationship capabilities connects contacts and adds relationship details, facilitating more in-depth reporting.

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