Product Brief

Advent Portfolio Exchange

Simplify portfolio accounting and reporting

In today’s complex and competitive investment landscape, making fast and informed decisions in compliance with client mandates and regulatory demands is crucial for any investment manager. This calls for accurate and timely data, and operational workflows to process and surface business-critical information efficiently across the firm. This is where SS&C Advent delivers true value.

Asset managers, wealth managers and family offices around the world rely on Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) to serve their clients and act as a centralized book of record for their business. As an integrated solution for portfolio management, performance measurement, accounting and reporting, it brings together the work of the front, middle and back office, all in one place. APX enables investment managers to easily oversee portfolios and strategies for individuals, institutions and funds, and track holdings, transactions and performance while keeping control all along.


Bring Your Business Forward with Powerful Investment Management Technology

A single source for critical data
Managing portfolios and servicing investors are at the heart of any investment business. APX integrates portfolio management, accounting and reporting, composite management, performance analytics, and client relationship management—all in a single solution. With deep insights into portfolios, positions, cash and performance, you can make better-informed investment decisions. You can also respond more effectively to clients, prospects, and interested parties, with immediate access to portfolio data, contact information, correspondence and more. APX is designed for accurate, easy, powerful search and retrieval of data. And it provides peace of mind for compliance officers, protecting sensitive data with multiple security layers and a patented audit trail.

Comprehensive instrument coverage, anywhere in the world
APX enables you to manage virtually all asset types on a single technology platform. It handles standard investment products such as equities, fixed income, mutual funds, FX and derivatives, as well as alternative investments like private equity. This helps alleviate manual workarounds, improve accuracy, and delivers a timely, comprehensive view of portfolios, strategies, positions, and cash. With broad asset class coverage and settlement in any currency, APX is the solution that works anywhere, and provides the flexibility and scalability required to enter new markets, launch new products and grow your business.

Tailored views delivering instant insights
Configurable views and reports give you instant access to the information you need, bringing summary, segmentation and exception data to the surface. With drag-and-drop ease and intuitive configuration, you can lay out dashboards and views to your preference, so you can focus on what matters most to you, and take immediate action as needed. You can personalize even further by adding favorites, for instant access to records or features that you use all the time, like reports, portfolios or contacts.

Comprehensive, customizable reporting
Clear, detailed, high-quality reporting is critical to managing your firm’s business and demonstrating value to clients. With APX you can communicate more effectively with clients, keep management informed, and satisfy regulators with reports tailored to your exact needs. It offers a wide range of standard reports that you can customize with your own brand. Additionally, the industry-standard reporting framework offers complete flexibility and control over the content and format of your firm’s reports, including choices of colors, type fonts, charts and graphs, and customized data elements. Reports can also include data from other components of your SS&C Advent solution suite as well as external sources.

Client portals, reporting and communications
Today’s investors expect instant access to up-to-date portfolio and performance information, through a digital, data-rich experience in a mobile-ready environment. APX allows you to deliver consolidated, interactive reports via your own client portal, using one of SS&C Advent’s portal solutions that you can brand as your own, or through integration with your existing portal. Combining the reporting capabilities and automation of APX with the ease of use of a portal, you gain a powerful solution to help you communicate more effectively, meet client expectations, and build long-term relationships.

Robust integrations and automated data delivery
With APX you can benefit from fast, robust data delivery though a secure cloud platform. Leveraging our data solutions, you can start your day with up-to-date market and portfolio data, every day. The entire process of collecting, normalizing and importing data prior to reconciliation is automated. Additionally, the open architecture of APX ensures you can easily integrate to any other third party, to solve for GIPS®, proxy, class action claims, and more. You can also choose to outsource data and integration management to Advent Outsourcing Services.

Efficient reconciliation
APX brings unmatched efficiency to your everyday back office processes. Powerful position and transaction reconciliation tools enable you to reconcile with multiple custodians quickly and efficiently and view up-to-the-minute results instantly. With APX, operations teams spend less time on reconciliation and have more time to focus on exceptions, enabling the entire firm to know they are always working with the most timely, trusted and complete information. You can even choose to outsource your reconciliation process entirely to our team of experts, leveraging operational services from Advent Outsourcing Services.


Experience the Power of a Flexible Operating Model

To ensure that you can operate at a lower cost and with higher efficiency, our solution can be cloud delivered, and backed by operational services tailored to your needs. A cloud delivered deployment reduces your internal IT requirements, and alleviates ongoing maintenance costs. Outsourcing day-to-tasks like data management, reconciliation, accounting processing and performance calculations, free up your team to focus on more value-adding activities. Advent Outsourcing Services works as an extension of your team, taking care of the technicalities, so that you can focus on driving your business forward whilst operating at scale.


Empower Your Team

With an intuitive, modern user interface, your team can navigate the system quickly and easily, and even personalize it to their individual needs and preferences. New functionality is released regularly, so that your firm can benefit from the latest enhancements as soon as they become available. SS&C Advent provides services, training and support to help you get up and running quickly, so that you can get full value from APX right from the start, and beyond. Our online community also enable you to find answers quickly, explore useful content and interact with peers and product experts any time, so you can get the most out of APX and your relationship with SS&C Advent.


Find out how Advent Portfolio Exchange® can increase operational efficiencies. Contact us for more information.

Product Brief
Advent Portfolio Exchange