Product Brief

Advent Syncova® Calculation Engine

Scale your business and improve accuracy with automation.

Think about all the calculation exercises taking place in your firm right now. From budget forecasting to risk analytics to loan pricing to reserve accounting, calculating figures is a non-stop, essential activity in every function and line of business.

Above all, accuracy is non-negotiable. Firms are replacing spreadsheets with Syncova, a powerful, highly scalable, and automated calculation engine that is proven to provide the controls, permissions, and audit capabilities, improve regulatory readiness of data calculations, and configure to virtually any computational model, asset class, or business requirement.

Save Time, Reduce Risks, Increase Efficiency
Chances are your business is on the verge of outgrowing spreadsheets if it hasn’t already. That’s why leading firms across the country are replacing spreadsheets with Syncova from SS&C Advent. Syncova is a powerful, highly scalable automated financial calculation engine, proven to deliver high-speed performance and dramatic improvements in accuracy and consistency. Moreover, it can be configured to virtually any computational model, asset class or business requirement.

  • Save Time: Using Syncova enables any department or operational area to perform more calculations in less time, and reduces or even eliminates the need for redundant manual checking
  • Be Strategic: Syncova frees up staff from repetitive tasks, enabling departments to focus on more strategic issues and productive activity
  • Improve Regulatory Readiness: Using Syncova enables you to demonstrate to regulators that data calculations are observable, consistent and repeatable
  • Flexible Delivery Options: Syncova can easily be deployed and integrated into an existing environment, or delivered from the cloud as a managed service, driving further efficiencies and reducing operational overhead


What’s more, Syncova is backed by a team of experts who can help you configure the solution to your specific requirements and optimize performance. Say goodbye to spreadsheet calculations. Bring one of your firm’s most under-appreciated but essential activities into the age of intelligent automation. Streamline any calculation process with Syncova.

What’s Your Use Case?
Contact us to discuss your calculation and reporting challenges. Find out how Syncova can help you overcome spreadsheet limitations, accelerate processes and improve accuracy in critical calculations.


Spreadsheet Replacement Use Cases

Loan to Value (LTV) Calculation

  • The Challenge: The computation of LTV against pledged securities entails complex measures of VaR, volatility, liquidity and other types of risks. Using spreadsheets, a top-tier bank found its LTV calculation process extremely time consuming which meant the bank could not monitor its commitments at scale.
  • Syncova Solution: Syncova has enabled the bank to automate its LTV calculations, incorporating a variety of market data, with the flexibility to override or add constraints on the fly. Operators can monitor LTVs down to the security level daily, and raise flags where thresholds have been crossed.
  • Results: The bank has been able to scale its business while reducing the time and cost associated with producing allowed loan amounts.


Commercial Line of Credit

  • The Challenge: A major bank offers a margined line of credit to its commercial clients. Terms are largely based on periodic financial statements, including accounts receivable and payable, assets and liabilities, and working capital. The bank had a large team performing term calculations entirely manually.
  • Syncova Solution: With Syncova, the bank now has the flexibility and integration capabilities to aggregate financial statements regularly, combined with the computational power to calculate ratios and tests required to determine lines of credit. A rich reporting and monitoring layer helps fulfill information requirements across multiple business units and functions.
  • Results: The bank has reduced its servicing costs for clients who utilize this product. It is able to calculate client margin values and financial ratios with consistent accuracy.


Trade Finance

  • The Challenge: An alternative fund provides structured trade finance loans to Latin American companies. The fund uses various structures to collateralize loans, with collateral ranging from letters of credit to shipped goods and inventory. Spreadsheets required to generate comprehensive reporting were time consuming and error prone
  • Syncova Solution: Syncova enables the firm to automate the tracking and reporting of collateral to reduce any risk of overexposure. It also allows users to establish collateral rules to report on ratios specific to each loan and its unique tolerance setting
  • Results: The lender has reduced its operational costs and business risk by automating calculations, monitoring and reporting—paving the way for additional business growth


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Product Brief
Advent Syncova® Calculation Engine