Client Story: Glenn Warden from Bahl & Gaynor

Advent Outsourcing Services, APX and Moxy provide a "Cadillac-like" experience.

With Advent’s APX for accounting, Moxy for trade order management and Advent Outsourcing Services (AOS) managing the “soup to nuts” of the whole product line, Bahl & Gaynor can focus on what they do best - investment management. Before the addition of AOS a review of other offerings was conducted. The summary, “There really isn’t anybody else in the industry that has a fully baked product with an even decent client base that provides the breadth of products that Advent has.” Investment in the solutions our clients value and excellent support are two of the drivers for a 30+ year long relationship.

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Video: Client Story - Glenn Warden from Bahl & Gaynor