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Freedom to Focus on Your Business

Looking to drive efficiency, reduce your risks and control costs? Perhaps it’s time to think about focusing your resources and energy on portfolios and clients, and engaging our IT and operations experts to augment your in-house team. Advent Managed Services offers enhanced technology hosting with a selection of software solutions. You can also choose from a menu of middle and back-office services, backed by a dedicated services team that will work with you to custom-tailor workflows to your specifications.


Few organizations can match SS&C Advent’s depth of experience in outsourced technology and services. Advent Managed Services builds on that experience with cloud delivery capabilities, expanded technology options, and a wider selection of services than ever before, backed by time-tested operational expertise. With the flexibility to customize our solutions and services to your needs, Advent Managed Services enables you to focus on the activities that matter most to your business, knowing your technology and operations are in highly capable hands.

Why choose this solution

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Intuitive, state-of-the-art communication portal
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Improve data accuracy and consistency
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24/7 around the clock support
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Reduce IT footprint and operational risks with cloud-delivered technology
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Ability to outsource specific workflows to relieve back-office burdens
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Comprehensive reconciliation services
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Performance maintenance and validation
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Robust client reporting
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Issued SOC I, Type II report (Managed Services environments only)
Advent Managed Services

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Get the right combination of technology and expertise. Few organizations can match SS&C Advent’s depth of experience in outsourced technology and services.