How do you grow your client base and add more portfolios without an increase in headcount?

With the market’s most scalable cloud-native portfolio construction and rebalancing solution.

  • Rebalance 1,000 portfolios in 35 seconds
  • Accommodate investor preferences and restrictions with exception-driven workflows from portfolio drift monitoring to post-trade
  • Sustain growth with rapid-release cycles and Managed Services

When combined with our managed services offerings, investment firms can focus on their portfolio management strategy while still having total control and transparency into their operations.


With our 30+ years of unmatched industry and operational expertise, firms around the world are leveraging our robust technology and services to optimize performance and gain a strategic advantage in an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace. Together with our clients, we are shaping the future of investment management.



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If I had to create three block trades, it used to take several hours. Genesis condenses that entire process down from hours to a matter of minutes.”

- Michael Scott, Senior Portfolio Analyst
CPS Investment Advisors

Case Study
The clarity of what you want to see in a product is the ease of use and the notification in the data in a very formal, but clean format. They (Genesis Team) captured it. They get it.

- Duane D’Orazio, Managing Partner
Conestoga Capital Advisors